High Frequency LCR Meter – 11050/11050-5M



Key Features

  • Datasheet
  • Test Parameters: L/C/R/Z/Y/DCR/Q/D/ θ
  • Test Frequencies: 1kHz ~ 10MHz / 60Hz ~ 5MHz (11050-5M)
  • Test Level: 10mV ~ 5V
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.1%
  • 15ms fast speed measurement
  • Programmable frequency in 1Hz increments
  • 3 kinds of output impedance modes
  • Test signal monitoring function
  • Compare & bin-sorting function
  • Open/short zeroing & load correction functions
  • Detached measurement & display unit design
  • Standard Handler, RS-232C, USB storage & external bias current control interface
  • Optional GPIB or LAN interfaces


The Chroma 11050 LCR Meter is a high frequency precision test instrument for measuring and evaluating passive components with high accuracy and speed. Measurements include the primary and secondary parameters required for testing inductance, capacitance, resistance, quality factor, and loss factor of passive components. The High Frequency LCR Meter has programmable testing frequency ranges from 1kHz to 10MHz or 60Hz to 5MHz (11050-5M) in 1Hz increments for analyzing passive component characteristics under different frequencies. With 0.1% basic measurement accuracy, the 11050’s measured results are highly stable and highly reliable. The fast 15ms measurement speed effectively increases productivity when working with automated machines.

In addition to the excellent measurement features of other Chroma LCR Meters, the 11050 has a variety of convenient functions. It has 3 output impedance modes to meet the demands of measuring and working with other instruments. The flexible digital display allows adjustment to best fit the test resolution, while the test signal monitoring function is able to display the voltage and current actually being applied to the DUT. The timing settings for trigger delay, measure delay, and average number of times allow the measurements to work closely with automated machines to get the most accurate results with limited testing time.

The detached design of the Chroma 11050 uses a dual CPU system for processing the testing and display individually. This not only increases testing speed but also shortens test lead lengths when used with automated machines to improve the accuracy of high frequency measurements.

Another feature of the Chroma 11050 is it’s complete interface configuration. The standard interfaces include Handler and RS-232C connections for hardware and software to be able to set the test conditions, trigger measurement, judge test results and collect measured data. The USB interface can be used to save the device settings and control the output of DC bias current sources. GPIB and LAN optional interfaces are available for purchase to fulfill users demand for software communication.

Owing to portable electronic communication products becoming thinner with lower power consumption, the test frequencies of power inductors are getting higher, making the equivalent series resistance of components a critical indicator in identifying good or bad products. The buffer capacitor also plays an important role for overall circuit reliability, and in order to work normally under high voltage transient environments the equivalent series resistance has to remain at very low levels during high frequency tests. The Chroma 11050 focuses on testing passive components under high frequency during development so that it is close to users actual requirements with enhanced key measurement functions. The accuracy enhancement of low impedance measurements extends the usability of the Chroma 11050 in high frequency testing applications.

Designed with extensive research and the enhancement of key features, the Chroma 11050 10MHz LCR Meter is the best option for product characteristics analysis, fast testing in automated production lines, or incoming/outgoing parts management.

Model Description
11050 10MHz LCR Meter
11050-5M 5MHz LCR Meter
A110501 4-Terminal SMD Test Fixture
A110211 Test Fixture (DIP)
A110234 Test Leads (1M)
A133510 LAN & USB-H Interface
A133509 GPIB & Handler Interface

User Manuals

Manuals - 11050 Series

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User Manuals for 11050 HF LCR Meter. Available document: Hardware User Manual All files in PDF format. ...


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