Electrical Safety Systems

The major test items of the Electrical Safety devices include AC/DC/IR Hipot tests for electronic components, and Ground Bond and Leakage Current tests for appliances. In addition to confirming whether the products comply with the safety specifications such as UL, CE, TUV and etc., the main purpose of the test is to ensure human safety and product reliability.

Most manufacturers perform production line tests as a means of ensuring overall product quality. Chroma instruments can help improve product quality, testing efficiency, and product safety. Some typical tests include:

Dielectric Strength

A dielectric strength test determines the suitability of the dielectric or insulation barrier between hazardous and non-hazardous parts. The dielectric strength test is a fundamental method of ensuring that a product is safe before it is placed on the market.

Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance (IR) measurements are generally conducted to determine the actual resistance between the two points of test. It serves as a practical and effective method of verifying suitability of the product for use by the public.

Leakage Current Tests

All products that use an AC line source as power have some associated leakage current when the device is turned on and operating. This leakage current normally flows from the AC line source through the ground path in the product and back to earth ground through the ground blade on the power cord.

Ground Continuity

A ground continuity test checks that a path exists between all exposed conductive metal surfaces and the power system ground. This ground circuit provides the fundamental means of electrical shock protection for a user.

Ground Bond

A ground bond test verifies integrity of the ground path by applying a high current (typically 25A to 40A), low voltage source to the ground path circuit. This test is similar to the ground continuity test with the additional benefit of verifying how a product will perform under actual fault conditions.

Chroma Systems Solutions can help with instruments and systems that can perform these tests and more, while streamlining the test process.

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