LED Test Solutions

The industry’s first LED simulator for LED driver testing. The LED’s forward voltage and operating resistance can be set to further adjust the loading and ripple current to better simulate LED characteristics.

LED Driver Test Solutions

LED Lighting

A Light Emitting Diode (LED), with its low power consumption, compact size, long life duration and versatility make it ideal for lighting and illumination applications. LEDs have found its applications in LCD monitor/TV backlights, street lighting, automobile lighting, interior lighting, outdoors large screen displays, consumer electronics and various other applications.

LED drivers are used to provide the power to the LEDs, and are usually designed as a constant current source due to the light emitting characteristics of the LEDs. Although LED drivers’ functions and characteristics differ from the general switch mode power supply (SMPS), the components used, the design topology and the testing requirements are very similar. Chroma is able to provide LED testing solution based on its twenty-five years of experience in providing power electronics testing solutions. These solutions include:

LED Test Instruments

AC Power Sources (Chroma’s 61610/61510) are used for testing the Input Voltage range & transients for the LED Power Drivers. Additionally, the AC Power Source is used for testing Line Regulation & Transient tests & have the ability to generate AC waveforms & non-Sinusoidal waveforms.

Digital Power Meters (Chroma’s 66200) can be used for measuring input power, Voltage, Current & Surge Current & THD. Also, for testing efficiency of the LED drivers, there is a built in program for testing Energy Star requirements.

DC Power Sources (Chroma’s 62000P) are used for simulating the LED Power Driver output when testing an LED or LED Array. It can also be used for the input power to a LED Driver that has a DC Input rather than an AC Input. The output of the 62000P series can be used in Constant Voltage or Constant Current to simulate a variety of LED Driver Outputs. The ability to program the voltage in ramps and steps & a variety of waveforms helps simulate various conditions for the LED Power Driver output.

The DC Electronic Load (Chroma’s 6310A/13A) is the industry’s first LED simulator for LED driver testing. The 6310A is specifically designed for simulating the unique load conditions of an LED & LED Array. It also has the ability to be programmed for Vf, Vo, Rd and Rd coefficient, making it the best load for simulating a real LED array load when testing an LED Power driver.

Automated Test Systems (Chroma’s C8000) can test all the input and output conditions for LED Power Drivers consistently & accurately. Programmed routines for a variety of tests fully test the entire specifications for an LED Power Driver & can handle multiple measurements for multiple unit testing. With the Chroma’s Power-Pro software the system is easy to program & data collection for SPC requirements is built in to the software.

LED Lighting Driver - Block Diagram

LED TV LIPS Power Test - Block Diagram

ATS 8491 Softpanel
The Model 8491 Test Systems include the industries most sophisticated power supply testing software platform, PowerPro III. PowerPro III provides users with an open software architecture suited for a wide range of applications and devices.

Power Pro III is a Windows 98/NT/2000/XP environment, which provides necessary computer peripherals.

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