Medical Safety Systems

Chroma Sentinel Medical Safety Testers provide more than enough current for functional run testing as well as earth, enclosure, patient and line leakage current tests meeting IEC60601-1 compliance requirements.

Engage Medical Device Functions: Use the system to create ‘worst case’ leakage current conditions before making measurements. Allows PC systems to power up prior to making the leakage current measurement.

AC Source: Automatically program and regulate mains voltage and frequency applied to the device under test.

CaptivATE Software: Create test sequences, capture data, provide bar code scanning of device model and serial number, automatic recall of test setup based upon model number and all data is saved into a database for trending and analysis.

CaptivATE software eliminates the need for the operator to make Pass/Fail judgment, record test results, make process deviation decisions, selection of the proper test, and interface with multiple types of test equipment.

Using CaptivATE software, an AC Source and a Chroma 19032 Series Analyzer with the 190308, test functions include AC or DC Hipot, insulation resistance, ground bond, earth leakage, patient leakage, patient auxiliary leakage or enclosure current leakage, as well as a functional run test. The Guardian 19032 has an internal leakage current scanner with 20A input current capability.

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