Mar 2013

Chroma Contributed Award Winning Indie Short Film Selected for GI Film Festival

Chroma Systems Solutions contributed to the production of the short independent film Dog It Down in Los Angeles, California. The film, set in WWII Pearl Harbor, won Best Short Film at the 2012 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and was recently announced as an official selection for the 2013 GI Film Festival (GIFF) in Washington, DC. The entire film was shot aboard the S.S. Lane...

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Oct 2012

Chroma Adds High Accuracy Data Loggers

Lake Forest, CA: Chroma Systems Solutions, world leading provider of electrical power test equipment and systems, announces the release of their new 51101 series of multi-function data loggers. The 51101 multi-function data loggers fulfill requirements of recording temperatures, voltages, currents, and other behavioral measurements during research, product development, production, and quality assurance procedures with recordable channels ranging from one to several hundred. [Read Full Press...

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Apr 2012

What is a Transient Response Test and what is required to run one?

A Transient Response Test (AKA: Dynamic Load Test) determines how quickly a voltage regulator can respond to a sudden change in Current.  The electronic loads must be programmable to handle the following settings. Current setting 1 (L1) and Current setting 2 (L2), dwell time (t1 and t2) at each current or duty cycle (DC%), Slew rate for Rising (SR1) and falling edges (SR2). The below...

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