FREE S12 Load Box Offer

Purchase any of the electrical safety testers (EST) listed below and we’ll send our S12 Load Box to you at no additional cost. Offer is for a LIMITED TIME, so get your quote now.

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Participating EST products: 1903219032-P190351903619052190531905519055-C1902019020-4

Offer valid to North American customers thru June, 29th, 2018

About Load Boxes

How do you know if your hipot tester is functioning properly?
Is it putting out the correct voltage?
Are the high voltage and ground leads in tact?
Are you getting false failures, or worse, false pass results?

Many of the safety agencies are requiring verification that your hipot tester is working correctly each day, sometimes each shift change. Our Load box is one of many solutions that we offer that will help ensure you are getting accurate results with your Chroma test equipment while remaining compliant.

For more information on using a Load Box to verify the performance of a safety tester, download this application note.