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CaptivATE 4.0

CaptivATE provides an Off-The-Shelf Electrical Safety Test Solution for accurately performing automated hipot, leakage current and functional tests. Testing is made simple and fast by automatically downloading the test setup, conducting the required measurements and outputting the test results. CaptivATE automates the process of electrical safety testing when used with Chroma’s Guardian 19050 Series Hipot Testers, Guardian 19032 Series Electrical Safety Analyzer, Hybrid 19035 Wound Component EST Scanners, Sentinel series ATS, and the Chroma 11025 and QuadTech 1730T LCR Meters.

Using an S14-09 Load Box to Verify the Performance of a Safety Analyzer

This application note discusses a method for confirming that earth leakage, enclosure leakage and /or patient leakage measurements within the safety analyzer are correct.  This method will determine whether the measurement circuitry in the safety analyzer is within tolerance as specified in the data sheet. It will also ensure that the device under test (DUT) will be safe and fully functional when it gets to the end user.

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