Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter – 11200



Key Features

  • Datasheet
  • Electrolytic capacitor leakage current test function
  • Insulation Resistance (IR) test function
  • Constant current DC power source with discharge function
  • Forward voltage function for Diode, LED, Zener Diode and Varistor
  • Surge voltage test function for electrolytic capacitor (JIS C5101/5102/5140/5141)
  • Option contact check function to improve test reliability
  • Basic accuracy: 0.3%
  • Aluminum-foil withstand voltage and rise-time test function (For EIAJ RC-2364A)
  • Precision low constant current charge capability (0.5mA ± 0.05mA, meet EIAJ RC-2364A requirement for withstand voltage testing of lower WV aluminum-foil)
  • Large charge current (500mA) capability to fasten charge speed
  • 1.0V ~ 650V / 800V DC voltage source
  • 0.001uA – 20.00mA leakage current test range with 4 digits resolution
  • Standard RS-232 interface
  • Optional GPIB & Handler interface
  • Digital timer inside
  • Comparator and pass/fail alarming beeper function
  • Large LCD display (240 x 64 dot-matrix)
  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy use graphic user interface : softpanel (Option)

Capacitor Leakage Current / IR Meter

The 11200 Capacitor Leakage Current / IR Meter is mainly used for electrolytic capacitor leakage current testing and aluminum-foil withstand voltage testing (EIAJ RC-2364A). The 11200 can also be used for active voltage checking or leakage current testing of absorber, Zener diode, and Neon lamp etc. With the standard RS232 interface, optional GPIB & Handler interfaces, high speed and stable measurement capabilities, the Chroma 11200 can be used for both component evaluation on the production line and for fundamental leakage current or IR testing for bench top applications.

1~650V, 150mA/500mA or 1~800V, 50mA/500mA Low Noise DC Voltage Source

A low noise linear power supply is built into the Chroma 11200. The DC output voltage range is from 1.0V to 650V/800V, which covers low WV capacitor leakage current testing and aluminum-foil withstand voltage testing ranges. The maximum charge current of 500mA/ 100V, 150mA / 650V or 50mA / 800V provides a quick charge for large capacitor testing.


Precision low constant current charge capability (0.5mA ±0.05mA)

In general, aluminum electrolytic capacitor’s anode oxide-foil uses extremely low constant current (EIAJ-RC2364A’s standard is 0.5mA, 1mA or 2mA ±10%; and depends on the type of the foil) to test foil withstand voltage (Vt) and rise time(Tr) etc. The Chroma 11200 provides a constant charge current low to 0.5mA with high stability.


0.001u~20.00mA Leakage Current Test Range With 4 Digits Resolution

A 0.001uA to 20mA test range nano-ampere meter is built in the Chroma 11200. It is perfect for leakage current or IR testing of electrolytic capacitor and high dielectric ceramic capacitors. The extremely low input resistance (the lowest is 0 ohm) design enables high speed testing for high capacitance devices LC or IR testing.


Output Voltage Monitor

The Chroma 11200 always monitors the real output voltage no matter the test or setup operation status to maintain the safety of the operator. In addition to displaying the real output voltage in the TEST page, an error message is displayed in case the output voltage abnormally exceeds 10 volts in other operation pages.


65W/50W Semi-constant Power Discharge Circuit

A 65W semi-constant power discharge circuit is built into the Chroma 11200 for high speed and to completely discharge after a test. It satisfies the quick discharge requirement for charged large capacitors.


Built-in RS232 Interface, and Optional GPIB & Handler Interface

The Chroma 11200 built-in RS-232 interface can be used in R&D or QC for remote control and tested data fetching. A GPIB and HANDLER interface (A110235) is optional for automation.

Model Description
11200 Capacitor Leakage Current / IR Meter 650V
11200 Capacitor Leakage Current / IR Meter 800V
11200 Capacitor Leakage Current / IR Meter with contact check function 650V
A110235 GPIB & Handler Interface
A110236 Rack Mounting Kit
A112001 Triangle Test Fixture for manual test
11920 SoftPanel Kit
A112005 Option 800V
A112006 Contact Check Function for automation test

User Manuals

Manuals - 11200 Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter

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User Manuals for 11200 Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meters. Available documents are: Quick Start Guide Hardware User Manual Softpanel User Manual All files in PDF format. ...

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