Software and SoftPanels

Instrument and system configuration, control, and monitoring

Power Pro Test Software

Power Conversion Automated Test Software

PowerPro is a feature-rich, expandable automated test software platform that gives you control without spending valuable time programming. Designed for power conversion applications, PowerPro provides an editable library of over 35 pre-written commonly used tests. Worry free reports are yours with extended reporting capabilities, statistic and management functions, various test document generation, and system administration.

PowerPro Test Software Interface

Battery Pro Test Software

Battery Cell, Module, Pack Test

Battery Pro is an intuitive, multi-channel test software platform designed for cell to pack level charge-discharge testing with real-time monitoring. The software is item driven with built-in tests – meaning no programming is required at all. Users are able to read data from the BMS controller and also includes thermal chamber control. Batter Pro supports Chroma’s regenerative battery cyclers and provides a safe and stable testing environment.

Battery Simulation Software

For Battery Connected Devices

Testing battery connected devices with an actual battery can either be cost or time prohibitive especially if multiple channels are required. Our Battery Simulation software is used to validate device functions during development in lieu of an actual battery or batteries. Automotive applications include motor drivers, OBC, DC-DC convertors or chargers, and products of DC bus.

CaptivATE Test Software

Electrical Safety Automation

CaptivATE test software provides an electrical safety test solution for accurately performing automated hipot, leakage current and functional tests. Testing is made simple and fast by automatically downloading the test setup, conducting the required measurements and outputting the test results. Software supports IEC60601-1 test requirements and IQOQ protocol documentation.

Instrument SoftPanels

Benchtop Instrument Control

Chroma softpanels make bench DVT testing easy. Dedicated PC control for individual instruments provides quicker connection and configuration getting your test sequence up and running faster. Run from a USB, GPIB or RS-232 interface, your saved configurations shorten your process and measurements are presented in an easy to read graphical interface.

Solar Array IV Curve Simulator

PV Inverter Testing

Easily program the I-V curve of the Solar Array Simulator with this test software as well as the I-V and P-V curves for real-time testing. See both dynamic and static MPPT efficiency and even simulate the IV Curve with shadows. The real world weather simulation function allows the user to simulate the irradiation intensity and temperature level from early morning to nightfall.

Battery LEx Software

Battery Cell Testing

Battery Lab Expert (Battery LEx) is the testing software platform specially developed for Chroma 17010 and offers:

  • Group testing: Each group can control up to 96 channels and execute up to 50,000 steps.
  • Variable editing: Using the data from the external data logger for flexible programming and complex applications.
  • Chamber integration: DI/DO amplification monitors the chamber’s status and protection mechanisms in real time.