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1U Programmable DC Power Supply

Chroma 62000E

Provides a single channel of 1.7kW, 3.4kW, 5kW and three channels of 1.7kW output configured in 1U chassis

Power Rating


Voltage Range


Current Range

22.5A max.

Chroma 62000E Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies provide single-channel output of 1.7kW, 3.4kW, and 5kW, as well as three channel of 1.7kW output each configured in an industry-leading high power density 1U chassis. The 28 models offer fixed and auto-range output with current ratings up to 22.5A and voltage ratings up to 1200V.

The 62000E series provides constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes so that users may switch the output priority based on testing requirements. Along with its high precision measurement output, its high-speed transient response and low noise satisfies a variety of devices and test applications in both labs and automated test system integration.

High Power Density 1.7kW x 3ch in 1U

The industry-leading high power density design enables 3 channels of 1.7kW output in a 1U chassis. Each channel is isolated for independent voltage/current control and measurement that saves the cabinet space for system integration and simplifies cable configuration.

For example, a system integration manufacturer has a requirement for nine channels of programmable DC power. Other 1U supplies would require 9 single-channel power supplies stacking at a height of 9U. In comparison, only 3 units are required for 62000E Series power supply at 3U height (using 3 channel models).

Auto-range and Fixed-range Output

The 62000E Series has auto-range output and fixed-range output; two types of power supplies available for selection based on customer’s application, specification and budget. For example, the 62050E-600P is an auto-range model with output specifications of 5kW/600V/22.5A that can be flexibly operated in different combinations. It provides 22.5A large current when outputting 223V low voltage and a small current of 8.4A at 600V high voltage.

This means the DUT that needs to be tested by both low voltage/high current and high voltage/low current can choose an auto-range DC power supply. It can be used in automatic test system (ATE) for test & measurement to replace multiple DC power supplies, saving cost and space.

Up to 20kW Master/Slave Parallel Operation

The 62050E-600 model is an economical fixed-range power supply designed with an output of 5kW/600V/8.4A DC source (as shown in the figure). This fixed-range power supply is suitable for providing power to manufacturing, giving the equipment supplier cost effective power source for integration when the DUTs with fixed specifications are in the production process.

More Features

High-Precision Measurement

3-Channel Output

Web Remote Control

Intuitive and User-Friendly Touch Screen


Technical Webinar: DC Power Supplies

This seminar will highlight key features and functions of our DC Power Supplies and the many applications they are being used for all over the world. Chroma programmable DC Power Supplies cover a wide range of power, voltage and current with advanced features for lab or rack-mounted applications.

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