Cell to pack level charge-discharge testing with real-time monitoring

Battery Pro Software is an intuitive, multi-channel platform designed for cell to pack level charge-discharge testing with real-time monitoring.
Battery Pro Interface
The software is item driven with built-in tests – meaning no programming is required at all. Users are able to read data from the BMS controller and also includes thermal chamber control. Battery Pro Software supports Chroma’s regenerative battery cyclers and provides a safe and stable testing environment.

Key Features

  • Real-time multi-channel battery pack status browse
  • Icon Manager: Test status of each channel is managed through different icons, easy to read and understand
  • Authority management: Sets the user’s authority for operation
  • Fault record tracking: It records the abnormal state of each channel independently
  • 255 charge/discharge conditions
  • Sets dual layer loops (cycle & loop) with 9999 loops per layer
  • Cut-off conditions
    • Time/ Capacity/ Voltage/ Current/ Temperature
    • Data Acquisition from data logger (option)
    • Data Acquisition from BMS (option)
  • Protection
    • Data Acquisition from data logger (option)
    • Data Acquisition from BMS (option)
    • Turn the main loop off for safety issues of AC line
    • ΔV protection / ΔI protection for internal short of battery pack
    • ΔV period protection / ΔI period protection
    • CC-CV transition time

Battery Pro Software Testing Data

  • Generate the detailed report and step report
  • Customized report format
  • Exports test reports in PDF, CSV and XLS
  • Graphical report function
  • Report analysis Function: Users can create customized reports such as life-cycle report, Q (AH)-V(V) report, V(V)/I(A)/T(℃)-time report etc through the user-defined X and Y axis parameters
  • Real-time browsing test reports of each channel
  • Diversified reports & charts: Real-time report, Cut-off report, X-Y scatter chart report

Supported Systems

The Battery Pro Software test environment supports our 17020 and 17040 systems and also is designed to meet the various requirements of secondary battery packs with high safety and stability. Charge and discharge protection aborts tests when abnormal conditions are detected. Data loss, storage and recovery are protected against power failure.

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17020

20V/ 60V/ 100V/ 200V/ 500V

65A/ 13A/ 62.5A/ 50A/ 30A

1.25kW/ 600W/ 2.5kW

Designed for secondary battery modules and pack tests, with accurate sources and measurements suitable for performing repetitive and reliable tests.

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17020E

10kW / 20kW / 30kW / 40kW / 50kW / 60kW / 70kW / 80kW per channel

60V / 100V / 200V

100A / 200A / 300A / 400A / 500A / 600A / 700A / 800A per channel

High precision system specifically designed for secondary battery module and pack testing

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17040

60kW/ 120kW/ 180kW/ 250kW/ 300kW



With an Energy Regenerative Function to reduce power consumption during discharge, ensuring a stable power grid without generating harmonic pollution on other devices.

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17040E

100kW*14, 200kW, 200kW*14, 300kW*14

5~850V, 100~1700V


High-power battery test system up to 1700V/4800A/1.2MW with regenerative capabilities, dynamic profile simulation, and advanced safety features.