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Chroma’s industry leading automated test solutions, products and services work together to give your employees the tools and data they need to stay innovative.

From power conversion to battery to electrical safety, our test systems will maximize your time, improve your validation process, increase your throughput and help the world’s leading R&D labs with testing applications as diverse as your requirements.

Power Conversion

Power conversion test equipment for design verification and functional testing demands high precision, reliability, and programmability for the user. When selecting test equipment, UUT protection, long term support, overall cost, and space required must also be important factors.


High precision, integrated battery test and energy storage test solutions designed for lithium ion and other battery chemistry. From R&D to end of line, we provide advanced battery test features including regenerative discharge systems that recycle energy…

Medical Device

IEC60601-1 is mainly intended for product development where safety considerations must be taken into account early in the design phase of a product, however much of it applies to production line testing to ensure manufacturer are shipping safe products.


As the automotive industry advances, Chroma has been actively working to improve electric vehicle (EV) testing performance and cost by developing flexible power conversion test equipment, regenerative battery test systems, electrical safety testers, and motor and wound component testers.

LED / Lighting

Chroma provides LED testing solution which include: programmable AC and DC Sources, high precision Power Meters, and LED Load Simulator specifically designed for LED power drivers.


Complete tools to generate various test documents and perform system administration

Safety Compliance

The purpose of safety testing medical electronic equipment is to be sure that a device is safe from electrical hazards to the patient and caregivers. There are a number of UL, European and Canadian standards that serve as the ruling body on how medical products will be tested, one in particular…

Magnetics / Passives

Chroma manufactures a complete line of test equipment to measure the electrical behavior and characterization of capacitors, inductors, resistors, and wound components to the most current of specifications.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense fuels innovation for emerging markets and led the development of the technology used today. In turn, research and development teams are faced with new challenges every day.

Advancing Excellence

Empowering future technologies for a better world

At Chroma, we are the driving force behind the development of the technology industry. By delivering the most advanced solutions, we enable innovators to create a better world with technologies.

Enabling quality innovation at every step with reliable solutions

From aerospace and defense to automotive and renewable energy technologies, Chroma products are providing consistent, accurate, and efficient measurements to the world’s leading R&D labs. With offices and manufacturing facilities located worldwide, Chroma is committed to excellence in product, service, and innovation.

Innovation, Collaboration & Trust

We take our duty to empower the technologies of our future seriously: by embodying responsibility, highlighting collaboration, and striving for innovation, we inspire confidence in every one of our actions and partners and provide reliance on the truth in every one of our solutions.

The impact of Chroma across industries

Chroma manufactures high quality power conversion and electrical safety test instruments and automated test systems to suit a variety of applications.

OutBack Power

How OutBack Power Automated Testing of their New Power Conversion System using Chroma ATE


BMW: EV Battery Test System

Hill Air Force Base

Hill Air Force Base: Repair And Recommission of Legacy Test Equipment Using Chroma ATE

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Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

Chroma’s engineering department delivers cost-effective architecture and software platforms designed to fit our customers’ diverse power conversion and electrical safety test requirements focused on maximizing efficiency with greater output and improving the validation processes.

Our engineering capabilities provide for the design, development, and delivery of turnkey automated test systems as well as fixtures for power conversion and electrical safety test applications. We also provide modification and update of existing test systems.

ISO & TAF Accreditations

ISO & TAF Accreditations

Our affiliated Calibration Laboratory is recognized by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) with an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.