Exploring Ultra-Low Voltage DC Electronic Load

Ultra-low Voltage DC Electronic Load to Simulate loading characteristics of AI microprocessors

Ultra-Low Voltage DC Electronic Load

Chroma 63202A-20-2000

Simulate loading characteristics of AI microprocessors. Designed for ultra-low voltage applications of 2,000A@0.2V for reliable testing of VRMs, VRDs, POLs, and D2Ds.

Power Rating


Voltage Range


Current Range

up to 2000A

Simulate Loading Characteristics of AI Microprocessors

AI Microprocessor DC electronic load
Ultra-low voltage DC electronic load specifically designed for applications of 2,000A@0.2V and 1,000A@0.1V, such as simulating loading characteristics of AI microprocessors and engineered for reliable testing of VRMs, VRDs, POLs, and D2Ds. It is also well-suited for EVs, fuel cells, and other low voltage-high current applications. The instrument features a unique front copper busbar design that provides low inductance connections, enabling industry-leading slew rates and minimizing IR voltage drops due to cable resistance.

  • Voltage range : 0 ~ 20V
  • Current range : 2,000A max.
  • 2,000A@0.2V (typical) low voltage operating characteristics
  • Low inductance copper bar design
  • CC dynamic frequency up to 25kHz
  • User defined waveform
  • Low inductance cable (Optional)
  • Standard USB, optional Ethernet and GPIB interfaces

Low-inductance Front Panel Bus Bar

This new generation load introduces a low inductance copper bus bar design which reduces internal inductance and impedance, and increases response speed. It's perfect for applications in power supply products below 1.0V. The output copper bar includes additional locking connection points for added convenience.

Loads Current Down to Zero Volts

The 63202A-20-2000 features outstanding low voltage characteristics with a minimum operating voltage of 0.2V and a maximum rated current of 2,000A. It can even load current down to 0V. Refer to the VI curve shown.

Wide Operating Range

This ultra-low voltage DC load provides a current range up to 2000A with a full current operating voltage of 20V. At the minimum voltage, the load can draw maximum current defined by the current range. Based on this design, the 63200A-20-2000 is well suited for testing DC/DC converters, fuel cells, and other low voltage - high current devices. Low voltage operation is possible towards zero volts with corresponding reduced current levels as shown above.

This new ultra-low voltage DC load is part of our 63200A series of DC electronic loads. If you are looking for a higher power load, the 63200A series is the answer.

Model and Options

63202A-20-20003UUltra-Low Voltage Power DC Electronic Load 20V / 2000A / 2kW
A600009GPIB cable (200cm)
A600010GPIB cable (60cm)
A636000GPIB interface
A636010Ethernet interface
A632006NI USB-6211 Bus-Powered Multifunction DAQ
11460SoftPanel KIT – Includes Software and Dongle Key
L11 00090619″ Rack Mounting Kit for model 2kW & 3kW 63200A (3U)
1156519″ Rack Mounting Kit for model 4kW, 5kW & 6kW 63200A (4U)


Webinar: Chroma E Load

This seminar highlights key features and functions of our DC electronic loads and the many applications they are being used for all over the world.

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