Exploring Bidirectional DC Power Supply + Regenerative Load

Bidirectional DC Power Supply + Regenerative Load-Chroma 62000D

Bidirectional DC Power Supply + Regenerative Load

Chroma 62000D

Bidirectional DC Power supplies with high accuracy and the widest operating range provide better control for testing bidirectional EV components, batteries, and PV inverters.

Power Rating


Voltage Range


Current Range


Chroma 62000D programmable bidirectional DC power supplies have both power source and load characteristics, two quadrant operation, and allows feedback of the power from the DUT. They can be used for testing renewable energy power systems including PV/storage hybrid inverters, power conversion system (PCS) on charging/discharging, and as a battery simulator.

The 62000D also is a fit for testing power components used in electric vehicles, such as bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC), bidirectional DC convertors, and DC-AC motor drivers, and power conversion simulation tests of batteries in both directions.

Power Conversion Testing of Bidirectional EV Components and Microgrid Storage

Renewable energy sources such as PV, EV, fuel cell, and battery are the market trend as the replacement of traditional energy sources (coal, oil, etc.). Yet, the subsequent rising need for electricity will actuate the faster commercialization of distributed energy storage in microgrids. The bidirectional design of power conversion devices urges battery applications to achieve high efficiency, high voltage conversion, and high power density direction, which prompts the need for battery simulation (bidirectional power supply) testing designs.

2-in-1: Bidirectional DC Power Supply and Regenerative Load

Chroma 62000D has a bidirectional switch power supply design that offers two-quadrant operation with positive current/positive voltage as well as negative current/positive voltage, enabling both DC power supply output and regenerative DC load. The absorbed energy feeds back to the grid with a conversion efficiency up to 93% and can operate in constant voltage, constant current, and constant power modes. Compared to traditional power supply and load, the 62000D two-in-one bidirectional DC power supply saves space, reduces energy loss and heat dissipation, and is easier to wire and configure.

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37% Wider Operating Region

We have made significant improvements to the operating range of the 62120D-1200, 62180D-1200, and 62180D-1800 models. The operating current has been increased from 40A to 55A, representing a substantial 37% improvement. Complemented by a corresponding increase in output power, this allows users to operate within a broader range to meet their testing needs even more effectively.

For instance, in the EV sector, our upgraded models cater to the charging current testing needs of 11kW BOBC covering 400V and 800V high-voltage platforms. Similarly, for renewables, our products are now adaptable to commercial PV string inverters, featuring a 120%-150% DC input oversizing design to meet maximum short-circuit current (Isc) demands of 52.5A.

Digging deeper:  Download the datasheet to see the compliant models and conditions required to achieve this capability.

Battery Charge-Discharge Mode

The 62000D bidirectional DC power supply offers both source and load operations. Its typical application involves testing the electrical CC-CV characteristics of batteries. When verifying battery specifications, it is necessary to conduct tests under standard charging and discharging conditions. These tests include capacity tests after charging and discharging at different temperature requirements, as well as charging and discharging tests in the End-of-Line (EOL) phase. All of these test items can be easily performed using the 62000D alone.

The 62000D covers the voltage and current range required for common EV/HEV batteries, including 12V/24V/48V low voltage battery packs and 200V/400V/800V high-voltage battery packs. It features a built-in Charge-Discharge mode specifically designed for batteries. This mode allows measurement of battery voltage and current, as well as calculation of battery capacity (Ah). Users have the flexibility to implement cycling tests or auto-stop charge and discharge tests by conveniently setting cut-off conditions.

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When connecting the 62000D to the battery, it is necessary to add a safety pre-charging circuit to avoid inrush current to protect the battery and equipment. Contact us for more information.

Solar Array Simulation Function (Optional)

EN50530 and Sandia's SAS models are built right in, allowing users to easily program various solar cell I-V characteristic outputs through manual or remote SCPI control. The SAS SoftPanel includes features such as static and dynamic MPPT test shadowed I-V curve simulation, real-world weather simulation, and an auto-run function for static and dynamic MPPT tests, which generate reports. This functionality makes it the best choice for PV inverter design and verification testing.

When high-power simulation is required, users can connect two or more power modules in parallel. The 62180D-1800, with a current range of up to 40A and a voltage range of up to 1800V, offers a high power density envelope, reaching a maximum of 18kW in a compact 3U package. The 62180D-1200 (1200V/40A/18kW) and 62180D-1800 (1800V/40A/18kW) models support master-slave parallel operation for up to 30 units, enabling a combined output of 540kW/1200V/1200A and 540kW/1800V/1200A for testing commercial string PV inverters ranging from 15kW to 500kW.

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More Features

High power density:
18kW in 3U

High Speed Transient
Response <1.5ms

Solar Array Simulation
Function (Optional)

Intuitive and User-Friendly Touch Control Screen

The 62000D family of power supplies can easily be used in any region of the world due to its wide input range of 200-480 Vac and an active PFC low-current harmonic feed to grid, reducing power consumption, power system configuration, and ambient temperature changes under high-power testing.

Model Options

62060D-100Bidirectional DC Power Supply 100V/180A/6kW
62060D-600Bidirectional DC Power Supply 600V/40A/6kW
62120D-100Bidirectional DC Power Supply 100V/360A/12kW
62120D-600Bidirectional DC Power Supply 600V/80A/12kW
62120D-1200Bidirectional DC Power Supply 1200V/55A/12kW
62180D-600Bidirectional DC Power Supply 600V/120A/18kW
62180D-1200Bidirectional DC Power Supply 1200V/55A/18kW
62180D-1800Bidirectional DC Power Supply 1800V/55A/18kW
62360D-2000HLBidirectional DC Power Supply 2000V
62450D-2000HLBidirectional DC Power Supply 2000V
A620039CAN interface
A62004662000D SoftPanel
B620003Optional Solar Array Simulation Function for model 62180D-1800 (Factory installation)


Chroma Bidirectional DC Power Supply Operation

The Chroma 62000D not only provides source and load modes, but offers a bidirectional switch-mode that enables two-quadrant operation providing both DC power and regenerative DC loading. The absorbed energy feeds back to the grid with an efficiency of up to 93%.

What is there to know about Bidirectional DC Power Supplies?

Bidirectional DC Power Supplies operate as both power supply and regenerative DC load. This capability is increasingly important in the renewable energy and electric vehicle industries. This seminar covers our new bidirectional power supplies, features and specs, test capabilities, applications, and markets served.

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