Exploring Power Inductor – Impulse Winding Tester

Power Inductor – Impulse Winding Tester

Chroma 19301A

Specifically designed for wound component tests, utilizes a high voltage & low capacitance capacitor (low test energy) in parallel with a coil to form an RLC resonant

Mode (Model Specific)

Impulse Winding Test

Output Voltage


Remote Interface

LAN, USB, and RS232

The Chroma 19300 Impulse Winding Tester with high/low inductance test technology has 1000V of impulse voltage and a 200MHz high speed sampling rate that satisfies most power inductor test requirements for a wide range of inductance products from 0.1uH to 100uH. The built-in Area Size Comparison, Differential Area Comparison, FLUTTER value, and LAPLACIAN value functions are able to effectively inspect coils for insulation abnormalities.

Introduction & Theory of Impulse Test

The “Impulse Winding Test” is a “non-destructive” technique that applies a high speed and low voltage pulse to the DUT and adds an impulse voltage on the oscillation capacitor (Cs) of the parallel coil so that the parallel capacitor and coil will generate an LCR oscillation. The oscillation attenuation can be viewed to realize the internal state of the coil including insulation, inductance and parallel capacitance (Cw) (See image: Equivalent Circuit Test Diagram). Next, analyze and compare the equivalent waveform of a good and bad DUT for pass and fail judgment. The function of the impulse winding test is to discover the potential defects – such as a winding layer short, poor electrode welding, and poor internal coil or core insulation, etc. as early as possible.

Low Inductance Impulse Test Technology

Chroma 19301A is specifically developed for testing low inductance winding components. The layer short test for inductance on the products is from 0.1uH to 100uH. The test for a low inductance DUT is different from general products as it is easily affected by the equivalent wiring inductance on the test circuit that makes the test voltage to distribute to wiring and the DUT voltage to become much lower than the set voltage during measurement. Furthermore, the working voltage of a low inductance power choke is used for low voltage, thus the impulse test voltage is normally lower than common inductance products.

More Features

High/Low Inductance Test (0.1uH~100uH)

18mS High Speed Test
(P1.0 for ACQ)

USB Port for Storing Waveform & Screen Capture

LAN, USB, and
RS232 Interfaces

The 19301A can be used to test low inductance winding components with a minimum inductance down to 0.1uH. The 19301A has an extremely high test speed that can reduce testing times and increase productivity in automated production. In addition, the voltage compensation function reduces the impact of the equivalent inductance of the wiring in automated machines.

Model Options

19301AImpulse Winding Tester (Low Inductance)
A193001SMD Choke Test Kit
A1930021m Test Wire + Test Clip
A1930031m Test Wire + Flat Head Cutting
A1930041m Test Cable BNC to BNC (incl. BNC Male Connector *2)


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Chroma Impulse Winding Tester 19301A

The Chroma 19301A Impulse Winding Tester combines high & low inductance test technologies, has a maximum impulse voltage of 1000V, and a high speed sampling rate of 200MHz which satisfies most of the test requirements for power inductor products with a wide inductance range from 0.1uH to 100uH. The built-in functions of Area Size Comparison, Differential Area Comparison, FLUTTER Value, LAPLACIAN Value, ΔPEAK or Δ PEAK RATIO, PEAK RATIO and ΔRESONANT AREA functions are able to inspect coils for poor insulation effectively.

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