Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense fuels innovation for emerging markets and led the development of the technology used today. In turn, research and development teams are faced with new challenges every day. Chroma helps to minimize test challenges by creating leading-edge power conversion test equipment and complete automated test systems.

Case Study

Hill AFB is looking to modernize their current test equipment; originally, they had been using manual testers to repair and recommission vital airplane components including power supplies, inverters, control devices, etc. Chroma provided a single universal testing platform (C8000) that would replace multiple existing test equipment at Hill AFB.

Automated Test Systems

Design, development, and delivery of turnkey automated test systems and fixtures for mission critical applications. We also provide the modification and update of existing automated test systems.

Chroma’s C8000 platform supports functional testing for power conversion devices during the production phase by simulating the environment in which the device is expected to work.

Design verification and validation tests push the specs beyond production testing. Chroma’s C8000 test systems help design engineers meet their initial or modified design requirements, specifications, and regulations.

What Our Customers Say:

Customer discusses plans for future Chroma Systems Solutions instrumentation
Asst. Prof. discusses using Chroma Systems Solutions in battery testing for the US Navy
Electrical Engineer discusses replacing older test equipment with Chroma C8000 test systems
PhD Researcher discusses the selection of Chroma Systems Solutions for lab testing equipment

Programmable Power Test Equipment

Programmable test equipment that provides consistent, accurate, and efficient measurements to the world’s leading R&D labs.

Grid Simulators

Full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative, AC power source that emulates grid characteristics for testing to standards such as IEEE 1547 / IEC 61000-3-15 / IEC 62116.

Digital Power Meters

Designed for both single-phase and multiple phase measurements of AC power signals and related parameters common to most electronic products.

AC Power Sources

Programmable AC Power and Regenerative Grid Simulators with a wide range of voltage, current, and power for simulating AC mains and line fault conditions.

DC Power Supplies

Our programmable DC power supplies are commonly used in DC-DC converter, PV inverter, telecom, battery charger, EV / automotive, burn-in, and plating/electrolysis testing.

Electrical Safety Test Equipment

Electrical safety test equipment that enables the design of safe and innovative products.

Battery | Cell, Module, Pack Testing

High precision, integrated battery test and energy storage test solutions designed for lithium ion and other battery chemistry.

Hipot & Safety Testers

Hipot testers or dielectric withstand testing instruments are used for conducting electrical safety tests on electrical components and products to make certain they are in compliance with IEC, UL, TUV, CSA, EN, and other electrical safety requirements.

LCR Meters

Chroma LCR meters measure inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of components during R&D, production, QA, and incoming inspection.

Milliohm Meters

Achieve accurate low resistance measurement values on devices such as switches, relays connectors and printed circuit boards