Battery LEx

Battery Lab Expert (Battery LEx) is the testing software platform specially developed for Chroma 17010 and battery cell testing, which offers:

  • Group testing: Each group can control up to 96 channels and execute up to 50,000 steps.
  • Variable editing: Using the data from the external data logger for flexible programming and complex applications.
  • Chamber integration: DI/DO amplification monitors the chamber’s status and protection mechanisms in real time.

Project Browser

Create up to 500 projects and construct corresponding test plans according to different DUT types or requirements. The project browser allows for easy review or adjustment of the DUT specifications, waveform simulation data, and recipe content.

  • DUT database: Quickly enter corresponding DUT parameters when editing a recipe, and easily share recipes to different DUTs.
  • Waveform simulation folder: Import .xlsx data points to the folder, the waveform simulation can set the time interval (fixed/user defined), output magnification, and data range.
  • Adjust and save parameters in real time while browsing.
  • Filter keywords to search for test plans.
  • Transmit test plans in .xlsx format.

Recipe Editor

In the hierarchical editing structure (test plan→main recipe→sub-recipe), users can directly share existing recipes by replacing the DUT specifications or quickly complete a plan by flexibly combining existing sub-recipes. Easily create new recipes to meet various types of charge and discharge test applications.

  • Step types: CC/CV/CP/CC-CV/CP-CV Charge and Discharge, CR Discharge, Current/Power Waveform, Rest, Common Rest, Chamber Control, Super CC/CP Charge and Discharge.
  • Cut-off conditions: step cut-off→current, voltage, power, energy, capacity, time; recipe cut-off→current, voltage, power, cumulative energy, cumulative capacity, time; external cut-off parameters→each step contains up to 4 cut-off settings.
  • Go to: Next, End, Jump, If-then logic jump. Each step can support multiple cut-off conditions and jumps.
  • Special input methods: C-rate, OCV-SOC, Q%, ±V, Variable.
  • Four-level Cycles: Single cycle up to 999,999 times, providing single step repeat and cycle time cut-off.
  • Variable setting and cut-off conditions: 20 sets of variable setting include 2 variable functions for use across sub-recipes. 1mS~100mS transient capture of the variable at the start of the step, or records the test value at the start/end of the step and defines it as a variable for secondary calculation.
  • Recipe protections: Voltage, Current, Chamber Temperature, Energy, Capacity, Current/Voltage Change, CC-CV/CP-CV Transition Time.

Recipe Executor

The recipe executor adopts group management according to different test plans. All channels in the group will simultaneously start testing and display their real-time test status. When integrated with a chamber, each channel will automatically perform a waiting mechanism, and the temperature control will not start until all the channels reach the same condition. When there are multiple groups in the chamber, they can be set to wait between groups.

  • Control modes: Start, Pause, Resume, Stop, Reserved Pause, Skip, Specified Start, Pause to Jump, Preview.
  • Real-time testing status display.
  • Dynamic parallel settings.
  • Multi-group start.
Battery LEx-Recipe Executor

Real-time Chart Display

Display charging and discharging curves in real time while testing. Users can zoom in and out on data and display data values by dragging the mouse, as well as flexibly select any channel and axis item.

  • Real-time charting based on the user-defined sampling time of up to 36,000 data points per screen.
  • Up to 4 sets of real-time display screens, with test comparison for up to 2 channels per screen.
  • Time freeze function to store test curves.
  • Dual y-axis data display.

Test Report

  • Auto report: after the sub-recipe finished testing, its data will be automatically exported to the path and file name set by the user.
  • Export modes: auto export of sub-recipe, manual export of test plan.
  • The system can adjust effective digits in the data up to 9 decimal places.
  • Report types: channel report, step report.
  • Free adjustment of the order of report items and field orders.

Chamber Control and System DI/DO Signal Control

  • Triple chamber control: chamber control step, real-time remote control, and maintenance mode.
  • Delay time: set the rest time after reaching the set temperature to secure similar temperatures between the DUT and chamber.
  • Double temperature adjustment: the temperature logger adjusts the chamber to ensure that the chamber and DUT’s actual temperature are the exact same.
  • Chamber actions after testing: maintain, end, or adjust the temperature control.
  • Dual chamber protection control: over-temperature and overtime.
  • Tri-color warning light signal and relay signal are provided.


  • Provide software account management and set multiple login accounts with corresponding editing permissions.
  • Send exception warning messages via email.
  • Import, export, and transfer test plans.

Supported Systems

Battery Reliability Test System

Chroma 17010H

High-precision charge and discharge test equipment specifically designed for high current/high power performance testing

Battery Reliability Test System

Chroma 17010

Chroma’s Battery & Reliability Test System is a high-precision system designed specifically for testing lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells, electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs), and lithium-ion capacitors (LICs).