LCR Meters

Precise impedance measurement for passive components

Chroma LCR meters measure inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of components during R&D, production, QA, and incoming inspection. Component testing often requires much more than a simple resistance, capacitance or inductance value at a given test frequency and stimulus voltage. LCR meters must have the flexibility to provide multiple parameters over wide frequency and voltage ranges.

100Hz-50kHz LCR Meter

Chroma 11021/11021-L

0.25V / 1V (11021)
50mV / 1V (11021-L)

0.1% (11021)
0.2% (11021-L)


For use in both component evaluation on the production line and fundamental impedance testing for bench-top applications

50Hz-100kHz LCR Meter

Chroma 11022/11025

10mV~1V , step 10mV



Programmable test signal level settings are from 10mV to 1V in steps of 10mV, and the VM/IM signal level monitor functions allow you to evaluate your devices at the level you specify

Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter

Chroma 11200

1.0~100V, step 0.1V: 101~650V
or 800V, step 1V



Used for both component evaluation on the production line and fundamental leakage current or IR testing for bench-top applications

High Frequency LCR Meters up to 30MHz

Chroma 11050 / 11050-5M / 11050-30M




Measurement capabilities cover the primary and secondary parameters required for testing the inductance, capacitance, resistance, quality factor and loss factor of passive components

RF LCR Meter

Chroma 11090-030



0.5 ms

Provides high frequency measurements and evaluations for passive components such as SMD chip inductors and RF filters with high accuracy and speed
Our LCR Meters are designed to satisfy both automated test system and laboratory benchtop requirements.

Advantages include:

  • Higher accuracy and frequencies to 30 MHz
  • Multiple parameters over wide frequency and voltage ranges
  • Parameter Sweep (plot/table modes)
  • 7ms high speed measurement
  • Open/short zeroing and load correction functions
  • Able to apply up to 300A of bias current when used with Chroma 1320 Bias Current Sources

White Paper: LCR Measurement Primer

What is Impedance? What are the measurements of Impedance? This primer defines and explains the measurement of the impedance parameters known as L (inductance), C (capacitance), and R (resistance). Impedance parameters are characteristic of an AC circuit; this primer describes the impedance measurements that are typically used, including their equations.