Exploring Guardian Hipot Analyzer

Guardian Hipot Analyzer

Chroma 19055

Designed for hipot tests and analysis of transformers, motors and other electronic components

Hipot Test: Output Voltage

AC: 0.05~5kV
DC: 0.05~6kV

Hipot Test: Cutoff Current

AC: 5kV/100mA (4kV/120mA)
DC: 25mA

Insulation Resistance Test

0.1MΩ~50GΩ / 5kV max

The Chroma 19055 Series Hipot Analyzer has a maximum output power of 500VA, a maximum AC output of 5kV/100mA, and Floating output for EN50191 requirements. The 19055-C includes ACW/DCW/IR tests, but also has a new measurement technology; Corona Discharge Detect ion (CDD). In addition, the Breakdown Voltage (BDV) Analysis can detect faults such as: Corona discharge Start Voltage (CSV), Flashover Start Voltage (FSV), Breakdown Voltage (BDV)

The Chroma 19055 series also has both High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC) and Open Short Check (OSC) functionality. This increases the test reliability and efficiency significantly through application of the contact check during the Hipot test.

Discharge Level Analysis

The dielectric withstanding voltage of components depends on materials and the manufacturing processes. For improving insulation in components, discharge levels should be defined including Corona discharge, Flashover and Breakdown. The Guardian 19055 is equipped with a Discharge Level Analysis mode (DLA) for defining the programming voltage, time, counts and limits.

The Guardian 19055 Hipot Analyzer provides discharge analysis of three levels. DLA mode will indicate the withstanding voltage depending on the different level limit beginning with Corona Discharge Start Voltage (CSV), Flashover Start Voltage (FSV), and Breakdown Voltage( BDV). R&D and QC personnel are able to improve insulation by discharge data collection and analysis.

Corona Discharge/Flashover (ARC) Detection/Breakdown in Hipot Test

All hipot and dielectric test equipment have the ability to detect a breakdown, and some have the ability to detect flashover (ARC), but only a few have the added ability to detect CORONA DISCHARGE. Although safety agencies have not included any requirement to measure the corona discharge in the safety test requirements, by accurately measuring the leakage current dynamically in very small levels, it is possible to determine if the unit is in one of the following conditions:

Corona Discharge: an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of a fluid surrounding a conductor, which occurs when the potential gradient (the strength of the electric field) exceeds a certain value, but conditions are insufficient to cause complete electrical breakdown or arcing. Corona discharge may be an early symptom of an impending breakdown.

Flashover: an electrical breakdown of a gas that produces an ongoing plasma discharge, resulting from a current flowing through normally nonconductive media such as air.

Breakdown: a rapid reduction in the resistance of an electrical insulator that can lead to a spark jumping around or through the insulator. This may be a momentary event (as in an electrostatic discharge), or may lead to a continuous arc discharge if protective devices fail to interrupt the current in a high power circuit.

More Features

Programmable Voltage
and Test Limit


Key Lock
When Fail

& Handler Interface

The 19055 Series Hipot Analyzers with 500VA output power can be used to test and analyze the high power withstand voltage and leakage current for products like motor stators and rotors with larger parasitic capacitance.

Model Options

Guardian 19055Hipot Analyzer (AC/DC/IR) – 500VA
Guardian 19055-CHipot Analyzer (AC/DC/IR/DLA/CDD) – 500VA
A19035519″ Rack Mount Kit
A190356GPIB Interface for Model
A190301(1930A) 8HV Scanning Box [19055x]
A190708ARC Verification Fixture
10541Softpanel Kit


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Get an overview of the basic principles of electrical safety testing.

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Guardian Hipot Analyzer

Chroma 19055

AC: 0.05~5kV
DC: 0.05~6kV

AC: 5kV/100mA (4kV/120mA)
DC: 25mA

0.1MΩ~50GΩ / 5kV max

Designed for hipot tests and analysis of transformers, motors and other electronic components

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