PowerPro III

Generate tests designed for power conversion applications

PowerPro is a feature-rich, expandable automated test platform that gives you control without spending your valuable time programming and allowing you to get your product to market faster.
It is designed to easily generate tests designed for power conversion applications, PowerPro provides a library of over 100 pre-written commonly used tests you can edit without entering a single line of code for various applications such as AC/DC, DC/DC, PV Inverter Testing, BMS, etc. Reports are hassle free and include extended reporting capabilities, statistic and management functions, various test document generation, and system administration.

Key Features

PowerPro III runs under the Windows 10/2000/XP/7 operating environments, providing the test engineer a dedicated test system with easy access to Windows resources.

  • Open Architecture Software Platform
  • Statistical Report
  • On-line Control Function
  • Expandable Hardware Support
  • Activity Log
  • Master/Slave Control Mode
  • Support GPIB Instruments & RS232/RS485/CAN Bus Interface
  • User Editable Test Library
  • User Editable Test Programs
  • User Editable Reports
  • User Authority Control & Release Control
  • Support Bar-Code Reader
  • Support Shop-floor Control
  • Remote Monitoring Via Internet
  • Test Command Optimizer Helps to Improve Test Speed
  • Capable to Test PCB Level to Complete for Any UPS Applications
  • Comprehensive Hardware Modules Provide High Accuracy & Repetitive Measurements

ATS Chroma 8000 Software Platform

PowerPro III includes extended reporting capabilities, statistic and management functions, various test document generation and system administration. The unique report wizard and generator provide the total solution for any documentation requirement. It allows users to integrate different types of presentations, like tabular test data, DSO waveform and correlation charts in M/S Word format. Users may also edit and store report formats for future use, thus saving time creating test reports. The Statistic function provides off the shelf statistical reporting tools. All the test conditions defined in the test program as well as the test readings can be stored and analyzed by the statistic report function. The report and raw data may be printed out or stored in a file.
Power Conversion Test Automation Software - PowerPro