Digital MultiMeter – 12061


Key Features

  • Datasheet
  • 6½ digits resolution.
  • 11 types of measurement characteristics
  • DC voltage/current (1000V/3A max)
  • AC voltage/current (750V/3A max)
  • Resistance 2 or 4-wire ohms measurement
  • Standard USB Interface
  • Optional GPIB Interface
  • Period & frequency – Diode & continuity
  • Temperature (Thermocouple & RTD)
  • DC voltage accuracy : 0.0015%
  • AC voltage accuracy : 0.04%
  • Up to 2000 readings memory storage


The 12061 6½ Digital Multimeter has assorted settings for resolution, integration time and ranges that allow users to optimize the configuration of measurement speed, resolution and accuracy when in individual measurement test modes. The 12061 has built-in a high speed, low interference A/D converter with a maximum speed of 2000 rdgs/s, making it the best solution for high speed measurement.

Individual Application

Chroma’s 12061 is equipped with 11 types of measurement functions including DC voltage/current, AC voltage/current, resistance 2/4-wire ohms, period, frequency, diode, continuity, and temperature as well as a diverse set of math functions like NULL, Max/Min/Avg, High/Low limit, Percentage/Ratio/MX+B, dB/dBm, etc. Along with trigger and memory function, the Chroma 12061 is the right tool for performing basic measurements.


Test System Applications

For convenience, Chroma supports various software and hardware for different control platforms.

Chroma 12061 TOOL: This is a real-time display interface for value monitoring. It can log and output data in CSV format for analysis.

Chroma 12061 LINK: This can send the data to a PC in real time directly and save it to EXCEL or WORD format file as well as create the data pattern.

Test engineers can use ActiveX components to control the 12061 using SCPI commands.


Built-In USB (USBTMC Supported)

Different from the traditional interface, the Chroma 12061 uses USB as its standard communication interface, this not only improves the transmission speed but also makes connection easier with plug and play functionality.

The USB interface fully supports USBTMC (USB Test & Measurement Class). As long as the instrument is equipped with a USB interface that supports USBTMC, it can communicate with a PC in real time via VISA driver without the restrictions of platform and environment. USBTMC is a communications protocol built on top of the USB standard and uses GPIB-like methodology to communicate through USB. Therefore, from user’s point of view, using USB is as simple as using GPIB.


PASS/FAIL Signal Output

Chroma 12061 can provide PASS/FAIL signal to system by USB port (either communication or PASS/FAIL signal) with high/low limit set. Use a USB type B female connected to system with signal (1 floating/ 2 PSS/ 3 FAIL/ 4 GND) in 2ms low and USB interface disabled on the meter. If the result is over the high/low limit, the beeper will alarm and the signal output. (Beeper can be off)

12061 Digital Multimeter Pass / Fail


Temperature Measurement

Chroma 12061 has temperature measurement functions that support 7 kinds of Thermocouples: E, J, K, N, R, S, and T type. It also supports RTDs 4-wire measurements. The built-in ITS-90, IEC751 and Callendar-Van Dusen temperature conversion satisfies a diverse range of measurement requirements.


Multi-Point Scanner Card

The Chroma 6½ Digital Multimeter supports a Multi-point Scanner Card, a scanning measurement tool not supported by most 6½ Digital Multimeters in the field.

The Multi-point Scanner Card offers multiplexing of ten two poles (ACV, ACI, DCV, DCI, Resistance, Period, Frequency) that can be installed on the extension card option directly off the rear panel.

12061 Scanner Card Configuration & Specifications


Operation Speed (Individual)

12061 Operation Speed

Model Description
12061 6½ Digital Multimeter
9562 SoftPanels
10232 Rack Mount kit
A120000 Multi-point Scanner Card 10 channel
A120001 Thermal-Measurement Adapter
A120002 Multi-point Scanner Card (20ch)
A120003 HV Probe (1000:1)
A120004 Multi-point TC Scanner card (10CH)

Chroma 12061 TOOL and Chroma 12061 LINK are two free softpanels included with the 12061 which provide data collection and drawing for analysis.

12061 Soft Panel Interface

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User Manuals

Manuals - 12061 Digital Multimeter

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User Manual for 12061 Digital Multimeter. Available documents are: Hardware User Manual All files in PDF format. ...

Application Notes

Misc Test For USB Charger ID

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This application note describes a variety of Switch Mode Power Supply Auto Test Systems for USB chargers.. ...

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