Exploring Guardian Ground Bond Tester

Guardian Ground Bond Tester

Chroma 19572

Provides high current testing of ground continuity between chassis and power cord ground on a wide variety of electrical products and appliances

Output Current

AC: 3~45A

Resistance Range

0.1~510 mΩ

Output Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

The Guardian 19572 is an instrument dedicated to measuring grounding resistance within the range of 0.1~510mΩ. Its compact form factor and easy to operate feature set is well suited for testing in a production line. By supplying high reliability and stability test results with built-in resistance compensate function; it is an economical and useful grounding tester.

Easy-to-use Tester

The simple front panel of the tester requires less effort to operate. The Digital display and user-friendly control allow test parameters and limits to be set easily without activating the high voltage. The instrument can be put on line rapidly. It can provide operators useful measurements with little to no training.

Compatibility with Chroma Hipot Tester 19070 Series

The 19572 can be used alone or connected to Chroma 19070 Series for complete product test with the push of one button. When the 19572 has completed a continuity test, with "PASS" indicated, it can remotely start the 19070 Series for a hipot test in sequence.

More Features

Test Time

Built-In Calibration
Via Software

Front Panel

Remote Control

The 19572 offers a resistance measurement range from 0.1 to 510mΩ.The high and low resistance limits with pass/fail indication are also user programmable.

Model Options

Guardian 19572Ground Bond Tester
S15Interconnect Cable Set [19070/19050 to 19572]
A19051719" Rack Mount Kit
A190701Remote Control Box
A195720GPIB Interface


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