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Exploring Guardian Electrical Safety Analyzer

Guardian Electrical Safety Analyzer

Chroma 19032

Twinport function reduces the safety test time and can eliminate potential bottlenecks in the production line

Hipot Test: Output Voltage

AC: 0.05~5kV
DC: 0.05~6kV

Hipot Test: Cutoff Current

DC: 12mA , AC: 40mA (19032)
DC: 25mA , AC: 100mA (19032-P)

Insulation Resistance Test

0.1MΩ~50GΩ / 1kV max

The 19032 series combines Hipot, Insulation Resistance ( IR), Ground Bond (GB), Leakage Current (LC)/AC LC/DC LC and Dynamic Function Tests. Savings can be up to 50% of production line space, by not purchasing several safety test instruments. The 19032 is able to increase the efficiency of electrical safety testing during manufacturing and reduce associated labor costs.

Open/Short Check (OSC)

All manufacturers have to solve the problems of error connections and unconnected test cables with their production line testers. Chroma’s 19032 is equipped with an open/short check function (OSC) for product testing. This eliminates the potential for false failures.

PATENT NO. 254135

The OSC function is used to check if the connection is open (bad contact) or short (DUT short) during the test procedure. When a circuit is open during EST testing, bad product can pass as good product. When a short occurs during testing, proper screening can reduce the damage on the DUT.

DUT's have capacitive loads (Cx) from tens of pF to several uF, in a normal state. A micro capacitance will occur on an open circuit interface once the connection is interrupted. In general, the capacitance is lower than 10pF; thus the total capacitance is lower than normal product. The capacitance is far higher than normal when the DUT is short or close to a short. This allows users to judge the short issue by using high/low limit values of capacitance change.

Flashover Detection

The Guardian 19032 has the same Flashover Detection as many other Chroma safety test instruments. Flashover is electricity transient or non-sequential discharge on the inner surface of the insulation component which cause the DUTs original insulation to lose effectiveness, create a carbonized electrically conductive path to be generated, and damage the product. Flashover can’t be detected by leakage current, test voltage or shift rate of leakage current is required. Thus, Flashover Detection is one of inevitable inspection item in HV test.

More Features

Front Panel
Lockout Function

Multi-Scan Device Support Dynamic Leakage Current Test

Support PC

RS232 Standard,
GPIB Optional

The 19032 series can be applied to versatile test of electrical products, which include quality assurance sampling inspection test, manufacturing test and development validation.

  • Power cord
  • House appliances
  • Information technology product
  • Medical equipment
  • Lab/testing equipment
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Solar, PV inverter

Model Description
Guardian 19032 Electrical Safety Analyzer
Guardian 19032-P Electrical Safety Analyzer (500VA)
A190301 8HV Scanning Box
A190302 5HV/3GC Scanner
A190303 3HV/5GC Scanner
A190304 8HV Scanner
A190305 Line Leakage Current Scanner
A190306 Hipot/Line Leakage/Probe Scanner (10A)
A190307 L-N Scanner & Leakage Current Scanner
A190308 Hipot/Line Leakage/Probe Scanner (20A)
11687 "Soft Panel" software for Guardian 19032


Chroma's 19032 Electrical Safety Analyzer

The 19032 series combines Hipot, Insulation Resistance (IR), Ground Bond (GB), Leakage Current (LC)/AC LC/DC LC and Dynamic Function Tests. Space savings can be up to 50% of production line space, through not purchasing multiple safety test instruments.

19032 Ground Bond Test

The purpose of doing a ground bond test, rather than the more traditional ground continuity test is to ensure the integrity of your ground conduit.

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