EV Power Components: A Total Testing Solution From The EVSE To The Battery

This presentation will cover the major components starting from the outside world with the commonly known as EV Charger (or technically known as AC or DC EVSE and all its available standards and modes like wired and wireless), then moving to the next to component in-line as we make our way through the car which is the OBC (or On-Board Charger) followed by the DC-DC Converters routing power to other components and finally to the core, which is the battery. Then exploring each testing and simulating each brand to have a Total EV Testing Solution, from car to component testing!

April 19TH
11:15AM (PST) / 2:15PM (EDT)



Illuminating the Path for Autonomous e-Mobility

This webinar series will focus on four major features – Photonics, Semiconductor, Power and Battery – that drive the current autonomous e-mobility industries and are used around the globe. Join us on April 22nd and 29th for informative sessions with Chroma.

April 22nd and 29th