Why It’s Important To Choose The Right Equipment For Power Conversion Testing

In today’s extremely competitive market place, power conversion has an increased emphasis on energy savings and reducing carbon dioxide emissions for environmental protection. Many industries are focusing on what is known as the “Smart Home” concept, it is being promoted by experts to provide more energy-efficient environments and reduce planet-warming emissions. The Smart Home concept consists of energy storage systems (ESS), fuel cells, energy hybrid PV inverters and V2H charging stations, etc. All of these AC & DC output devices require accurate and reliable test equipment to perform inrush current testing, system storage analysis, and accurate load simulation for long-term testing to ensure system stability.

In this presentation, you will learn what’s new in Bidirectional & Regenerative Supplies and Battery Testers as well as what you need to know when choosing the right test equipment for R&D, design validation or functional automation testing to enable optimum results and ultimately achieving your goals.

June 16th 3:20pm EST (12:20pm PST)