Exploring Regenerative AC Electronic Load

63800R-Regenerative AC Electronic Load

Regenerative AC Electronic Load

Chroma 63800R

63800R AC Electronic Loads presents a highly efficient regenerative switching-type solution for higher-power renewable energy applications.

Rated Power:

9kVA, 12kVA, 15kVA

Voltage Range

30Vrms - 350Vrms

Frequency Range:

30Hz - 100Hz

Chroma 63800R Series offers AC electronic loads with regenerative capability, featuring three models with power ratings of 9kVA, 12kVA, and 15kVA. This series boasts a high-power density design, providing a maximum load capacity of 15kVA within a compact 3U chassis. To accommodate higher power rating test requirements, you can parallel multiple units for increased load capacity while utilizing master-slave control.

The Chroma 63800R Series presents a highly efficient energy-saving solution with its regenerative feature, making it ideal for a broad spectrum of renewable energy applications, including ESS, hybrid PV inverters, AC EVSE, and bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC) for V2L and V2H applications.

In contrast to traditional AC loads for UPS testing, the 63800R Series eliminates waste heat generation, significantly reducing electricity costs due to its regenerative capability. Furthermore, it meets the requirements of the IEC 62040-3 standard for UPS testing.

The Chroma 63800R Series utilizes advanced all-digital control technology and introduces a Stand-By function to handle rapid fluctuations in the voltage source of the Device Under Test (DUT). This function keeps the load in an active state when the DUT is in standby or off and instantly starts drawing power when the voltage source is activated. This functionality lends itself well to the implementation of fully automated testing in smart factories.

In addition to basic functions such as CC, CP, and CR, the Chroma 63800R Series offers advanced operating modes like Rectified and phase Lead/Lag mode. It can also simulate SCR and TRIAC component characteristics with its unique half-cycle load function.

The 63800R Series features a 5″ LCD display with an intuitive user interface for seamless operation. Connectivity options include USB, LAN, and optional GPIB or CAN interfaces for swift remote and digital control via a PC using Chroma’s SoftPanel software. Additionally, Chroma provides instrument drivers for LabVIEW-integrated system control.

Key Features
High-Power Density Regenerative AC Load

Chroma 63800R Series Electronic Loads are high-precision switching-type AC loads, achieving a maximum load capacity of 15kVA in a 3U chassis through high-power density design. Powered by leading-edge bidirectional power source technology, these regenerative units can feed energy consumed during the test back to the facility’s power grid with up to 89% efficiency.

When a 63800R Series Regenerative AC Load is used with a test rack configuration, the 3U chassis height offers great flexibility and saves valuable rack space. The energy recovery feature addresses the wasted heat issues associated with traditional RLC load boxes and saves on cooling costs. Additionally, for testing various different devices, the single/three-phase functionality eliminates the need to use multiple traditional loads.

Intuitive Touchscreen UI

The 63800R Series Regenerative AC Load is equipped with a touchscreen interface, providing an easy-to-use UI that allows users to quickly configure and operate various settings. Advanced AC load functions are conveniently located under the “More Settings” option in the upper-right corner. The display mode can expand the measurement value to full screen, making it easy to view.

Comprehensive AC Load Simulation Functionality

Chroma 63800R Series Regenerative AC Electronic Loads offer a full range of AC load simulation functions. The loads feature different operating modes to cater to a wide range of load simulation requirements, including general load, rectified load, and inductive/capacitive load modes.

General Load

The 63800R Series offers a complete set of Constant Current (CC), Constant Power (CP), and Constant Resistance (CR) modes, which can be used to simulate a broad array of AC load characteristics. In the CC and CP modes, you can configure the load’s Power Factor (PF) or Crest Factor (CF). In the CR mode, the PF value is always 1, allowing you to simulate linear impedance test condition.

Rectified Load

For rectified or nonlinear loads such as traditional inverters, UPS, switch-mode rectifiers, and electromechanical devices using variable frequencies, Chroma 63800R Series offers dedicated CC Rectified and CS Rectified modes. Depending on whether the test requires constant current or constant apparent power, additional settings for the CF value can be configured to generate peak current for accurate simulation of various types of nonlinear load currents.

Inductive and Capacitive Loads

Chroma 63800R series can adjust the phase difference (in degrees) between current and voltage by utilizing specific CC Lead/Lag and CS Lead/Lag modes to simulate various inductive or capacitive load characteristics under constant current or constant apparent power test conditions.

Half-Cycle Load Function

Chroma 63800R Series Regenerative AC Loads are equipped with a half-cycle load function in CC Rectified mode. This function is capable of supplying positive half-cycle, negative half-cycle load currents, and even 90-degree Leading Edge and Trailing Edge half-cycle loads, replicating the features of SCR and TRIAC switches. With this function, users can simulate load characteristics for household appliances, protective switches, and other devices employing SCR or TRIAC components.

Stand-By Fast Response Functionality

The 63800R Series feature a novel Stand-By fast response functionality, made possible by advanced control algorithms and precise, rapid circuit detection. In scenarios where the circuit is suddenly opened or the voltage source is interrupted, the load can quickly switch to a stand-by state by detecting the disappearance of the voltage from the DUT. This feature also allows users to activate the load in stand-by mode before the voltage source starts. Once the voltage source is activated, the 63800R immediately switches to Load mode, enabling a rapid test startup. As a result, the 63800R Series is especially suitable for AC EVSE testing, including dynamic load testing, OCP/OPP load testing, card-swipe charging tests, as well as load startup and backup power switching tests for inverters and UPS systems.

Energy-Saving Test Solution for AC Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Chroma 63800R Series Regenerative AC Loads offer a new energy-efficient and carbon-saving solution for AC EVSE testing, thanks to their high power density and efficient energy recovery capability. Traditional load banks not only have a large footprint but also convert consumed power into heat, leading to significant energy consumption and requiring cooling systems to prevent overheating. In contrast, the Chroma 63800R Series achieves energy recovery with an efficiency of up to 89%. For instance, when operating at full load +power, a single unit can save 116,946 kWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to reducing 45,258 kg (99,777 lbs.) of carbon emissions. The 63800R comes equipped with comprehensive CC, CP, and CR load modes and complies with the standardized CCID/RCD leakage current requirements for AC EVSE testing*.

*Chroma 63800R dedicated Inrush Current Limiter Box is required for AC EVSE and AC EV Charger testing applications.

Model Options

63809R-350-87Regenerative AC Electronic Load 350V / 87A / 9kVA
63812R-350-96Regenerative AC Electronic Load 350V / 96A / 12kVA
63815R-350-105Regenerative AC Electronic Load 350V / 105A / 15kVA
A618005Single/Three Phase Switching Unit (option)
A620039GPIB remote interface (option)
A620045CAN remote interface (option)
A638003Softpanel for 63800R Series


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