Exploring 16CH Battery Cell Simulator

16CH Battery Cell Simulator-Chroma 87001

16CH Battery Cell Simulator

Chroma 87001

Switch fast charge and discharge current in current source mode without any interruption



Input Current

Max. 10A

Input Power


Chroma 87001 Battery Cell Simulator is a high precision, programmable, and bidirectional DC power source with both voltage source and current source functions. In addition, the model can be used as a multi-channel DC power supply or an electronic load as well. A single simulator has 16 channels and each of them can set voltage and current respectively via Chroma software. The 87001 Battery Cell Simulator can be used in place of lithium-ion batteries to provide a reliable and safe testing environment. The equipped battery management unit (BMU) and its cell supervisor circuit (CSC) subsystem can test the battery cells used in electric vehicles and energy storage batteries.

The simulator has voltage isolated channels that can simulate a 480-cell battery pack (240S2P, Voltage <1,000V) connected in series. It is used to imitate the power characteristics when charging and discharging the battery cell energy. This high-precision battery cell simulator with flexible voltage source and current load regulation has voltage and current measurement capabilities.

Battery Cell Status in Parallel and Serial Operation Mode

When multiple battery cells are required, the battery cell simulators can be connected in series for use. The simulator supports both serial and separate channel parallel connection modes that can simulate the battery cell status up to 480 cells. The parallel function with automatic current sharing design makes the operation quick and easy allowing for greater simplicity to the user’s operating procedure. The 87001 is equipped with an Ethernet standard interface that can be used for remote control and other automated test applications.

Precision Voltage/Current Measurement

The Chroma 87001 Battery Cell Simulator has voltage source and bidirectional current source modes with a built-in 16-bit high-precision A/D converter. The voltage measurement accuracy is up to ±1mV (0.02%FS) with resolution up to 0.1mV.

For the market trend of active and passive balance design, the current measurement is divided into 0~5.2A/0~520mA two ranges with 0.02%FS accuracy. For 0~5A (power increased in parallel connection) range, the accuracy is ± 1mA, which meets most of the industry’s requirements for testing the actively balancing designed circuits with a current measurement resolution up to 100uA.

For 0~500mA range, the accuracy is ±100uA (0.02%F.S.), which can meet most of the industry’s passive balance designs, and the measurement resolution is up to 10uA.

Programming Sequence and Application

The battery cell simulator has 16 channels that can set the voltage and current limit respectively; program the rise and fall of output voltage, and synchronize the start-up between channels via software. When the low output noise features presents the DC characteristics of a battery cell without any ripples during dynamic load changes, it can quickly provide a steady DC output. Meanwhile, it reduces the surge voltage caused by the load change that could damage the UUT. For non-static products or test applications, it can supply a stable DC voltage source in time.

More Features

Bidirectional Power Supply Design

Serial and Parallel Connection Function

Fast Voltage Setting for Rise/Fall Speed:
Time (1ms)

Standard Ethernet
Control Interface


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This seminar has been put together to demonstrate the improvements made to EV testing performance with newly developed instruments, functional test systems, battery test and simulation systems.

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Switch fast charge and discharge current in current source mode without any interruption