100Hz-50kHz LCR Meter – 11021/11021-L



Key Features

  • Datasheet
  • Test frequencies:
    100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz and 10kHz (9.6kHz) (11021)
    1kHz, 10kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz (11021-L)
  • Basic accuracy: 0.1% (11021), 0.2% (11021-L)
  • 0.1mO~99.99 MO measurement range, 4 1/2 digits resolution
  • Lower harmonic-distortion affection
  • Fast measurement speed (75ms)
  • Standard RS-232 interface
  • Optional GPIB & Handler interface
  • Programmable trigger delay time is convenient for measurement timing adjustment in automatic production
  • Bin-sorting function
  • Comparator and pass/fail alarming beeper function
  • Text mode 40×4 matrixes LCD display
  • Friendly user interface
  • Open/short zeroing
  • On-line fireware refreshable (via RS-232)
  • Input protection (1 Joule)


The Chroma 11021/11021-L are the most cost-effective digital LCR Meters available, providing 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, and 10kHz test frequencies for the 11021 and 1kHz, 10kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz test frequencies for the 11021-L. The standard RS232 interface, optional GPIB & Handler interfaces, high speed and stable measurement capabilities enable the Chroma 11021/11021-L for use in both component evaluation on the production line and fundamental impedance testing for bench-top applications.

Bin-sorting Function

The 11021/11021-L provide an 8-bin sorting function with bin count statistics. It is very convenient for magnetic core sorting or capacitor sorting. The bin count statistics can be used for analysis distribution of test results or production quality.


HI/GO/LO Comparator

The 11021/11021-L meters have a comparator function to judge HI/GO/LOW of capacitance measurement results, and to judge GO/NG of D factor, and an alarming beeper for total GO/NG judgements.


Trigger Delay Time

For large capacitance measurements in automatic production, an RC (meter output resistance and unknown capacitance) delay time for test signal transients is necessary. The 11021/11021-L provide a trigger delay time for this, and is convenient for automatic equipment timing adjustment.


Input Protection

Un-discharged devices (generally, capacitors) under test are the most frequent reasons an LCR Meter is destroyed. The 11021/11021-L uses an excellent input protection circuit to prevent it from this kind of damage.


Open/Short Zeroing

General low-end LCR meters just provide zero offset to substrate stray capacitance, residual resistance or residual inductance only for C, R, L measurement which can not accurately measure Q (quality factor) for L, R measurement and D (dissipation factor) for C measurement. The 11021/11021-L provides full open/short circuit zeroing function.


Lower Harmonic-distortion Phase-detection Technology

The 11021/11021-L meters use lower harmonic-distortion phase detection technologies to reduce affection of measurement accuracy caused by hysteresis distortion in magnetic component or high dielectric-coefficient capacitor measurement, which is not provided in general low-end LCR meters. General low-end LCR meters use half period integration method as phase detector. The 11021-L is the ideal selection for high frequency coil, core, choke, ect passive components incoming/outgoing material quality inspect and automatic production. The frequency spectrum of half period square wave is shown as figure 1 and 2, which non-ignorable 3rd, 5th order harmonics are included. For non-linear devices under testing, odd-order (3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.) harmonics may occur in measured potential or current signals. Then, this phase-detection method will cause obvious accuracy error because of same low order harmonics are included in both unknown signal and phase-detect signal. The 11021/11021-L uses eight steps sine-wave multiplier as phase detector to reduce low-order harmonics affection to an ignorable level.

Model Description
11021 LCR Meter 100-10kHz
11021-L LCR Meter 1k-50kHz
A110235 GPIB & Handler Interface

User Manuals

Manuals - 11021/11021-L LCR

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User Manuals for 11021 and 11021-L LCR Meters. Available documents are: Quick Start Guide Hardware User Manual All files in PDF format. ...

Application Notes

LCR What Voltage And Current Is Applied To The Unknown

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This application note describes how to compute the actual voltage and current. ...

LCR Multi Terminal Impedance Measurements

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This application note explains how the use of multiple connections can reduce or remove impedance measurement errors caused by series impedance in the connections or shunt impedance across the unknown. ...

LCR Product Accessories

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Provides a list of accessories for LCR meters. ...

LCR And EST Product Interfaces

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Provides a list of product interfaces for LCR and EST instruments. ...

LCR Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Of Capacitors

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This note answers questions and clarifies confusion that might exist in the definition of ESR in capacitors. ...

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    White Paper: LCR Measurement Primer

    What is Impedance? What are the measurements of Impedance? This primer defines and explains the measurement of the impedance parameters known as L (inductance), C (capacitance), and R (resistance). Impedance parameters are characteristic of an AC circuit; this primer describes the impedance measurements that are typically used, including their equations. Also described are the connections to the device under test, and how to use test instruments to precisely measure impedance. In addition, primer describes the testing of individual passive components for inductance, capacitance, and resistance.

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