Automated Test Systems Built To Your Specifications

Chroma’s engineering delivers cost-effective Automated Test Systems architecture and software platforms designed to fit our customer’s diverse power conversion and electrical safety test technical requirements maximizing their time, improving validation processes, and increasing output.

Our engineering capabilities provide for the design, development and delivery of turnkey automated test systems and fixtures for many power conversion and electrical safety test applications. We also provide modification and updating of existing automated test systems.

Chroma Automatic Test Systems


Example C8000 System

C8000 Automated Test System Platform

Designed as a complete solution for all types of power conversion testing, our C8000 automated test platform rolled out in 2001. Since then, over 5,000 systems have been deployed in the field globally. The C8000’s success can be attributed to its seamless integration with a wide range of commercial-off-the-shelf equipment such as AC/DC sources, electronic loads, power meters, multimeters, oscilloscopes, noise analyzers, and isolation/dielectric testers. Its broad range of use combined with PowerPro III, an open architecture software platform, provides users a flexible, expandable, and cost-effective test system.

Front and back panel view of Chroma 62000P programmable DC power supply


Chroma manufactures best in class programmable COTS instrumentation including AC Power Sources, DC Supplies, Electronic Loads, Digital Power Meters, and Electrical Safety Testers that are ideal for power input/output terminal testing and dynamic simulation.

  • Widest Selection of High Precision Test Instrumentation
  • Highly Customizable Configurations & UUT Interfaces
  • Extensive Comm. Support: CAN, LAN/ Ethernet, I2C, PMbus, USB, GPIB, Serial, etc.
  • Individual Instrumentation Display Panels & Controls Simplifies Debugging
  • Supports Complex Inter-Instrument Triggering
  • Optimized for High Throughput Testing
  • Dynamically Configurable for R&D Engineering & Design Validation


Chroma has partnered with Tektronix to supply Tektronix’ core product line of oscilloscopes, analyzers, and signal generators as part of Chroma’s power conversion automated test system platforms.

PowerPro III Splash Screen


In addition to providing hardware for systems, we also develop PowerPro III; powerful software platforms that include an extensive amount of built-in test programs. These test programs can be easily edited to analyze the massive test data for research, quality assurance of products, and improvement of the manufacturing process.

  • Enterprise Wide Open Architecture Platform
  • Custom Reporting with Waveforms & Graphs for R&D & Design Validation
  • Fast & Easy, Excel Like Test Sequence Development
  • Customer Editable Test Library Without Coding
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Command Optimizer Maximizes Test Speed
  • A/B & Parallel Testing for High Volume Applications

NI Toolkit Display on Monitor

Toolkits for LabVIEW and TestStand Developers

Designed for both end-users and system integrators, Chroma’s Toolkit consists of prewritten application-specific tests that are scalable to an array of hardware configurations. End-users who prefer to work in LabVIEW, TestStand, or CVI are provided a single point of support for both software and hardware. System integrators will save time and resources by eliminating the design and development of a new power conversion test routines, rack and stacking equipment, developing documentations, wiring diagrams, BOM’s, etc. with the ease of integration into the users own test executive.

Chroma custom test fixture


While we are integrating your automated test test system, we can also fabricate custom test fixtures simultaneously at our design facility in Southern California. With service facilities all over the world, our highly trained technical service team ensures your system will be supported.

  • Global Operations & Worldwide Support
  • Depot Repair & Failure Analysis
  • Local & International Program Management



Automated test systems have been built to test applications in these markets:

  • Military / Aerospace
  • Power Supply / UPS
  • Communications
  • Medical Device
  • Solar Panel / Inverter
  • Automotive / EV / EVSE
  • LED / Lighting
  • Battery Cell / Module / Pack
  • Fuel Cell
  • Adapters / Chargers