Electric Vehicle

EV Automotive and Battery Test Advancements

Electric Vehicle Test System

Electric Vehicle Charging Compatibility ATS

Chroma C8000

The world’s first UL approved SAE J1772 EVSE Communication Protocol Automated Test System. This system simulates various states of an EVSE to validate charging compatibility before delivery to the vehicle.
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AC/DC Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Testing Solution

Learn more about our wide range of testing solutions in the EV industry.

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EV Wireless Charging (WPT) – Multi-Axis Test Solutions

Chroma’s WPT test platforms and solutions have been globally adopted and recommended by the leading manufacturers of wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles.

EV Wireless Power Transfer

Chroma 8000

Specifically designed for EV Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) verification. Comprised of a Chroma 8000 ATS and a WPT testing platform.