C8000 Electric Vehicle Test System

The power conversion within an electric vehicle (EV) is composed of several power electronic units, which include the AC or DC EVSE (EV Supply Equipment), on-board charger, DC/DC converter, and motor driver. Chroma’s ATS (Automatic Test System) addresses the specialized requirements involved in testing the power electronics during the development phase as well as the production phase.

Chroma’s EVSE test system is the world’s first UL approved SAE J1772 EVSE Communication Protocol Automated Test System. This system simulates various states of an EVSE to validate charging compatibility before delivery to the vehicle.

  • Open architecture software platform
  • Support instrument with GPIB/RS-232 or RS-485/I2C/CAN BUS interfaces
  • User editable test item, test program, & report format
  • Statistical report
  • On-line control function
  • User authority control
  • Activity log
  • Master/Slave control mode
  • Multi-UUT test capability for single-output PSU
  • Support bar code reader
  • Support Shop-floor control
  • Remote monitoring via internet
  • Test command optimizer helps to improve test speed
  • Capable of coding for any power supply testing applications
  • Comprehensive hardware modules provide high accuracy and repetitive measurements
  • High test throughput by system default test items
  • Cost effective
  • Other hardware expandable upon request
  • Windows 98/NT/2000 or higher based software

The Chroma C8000 Auto Test System uses a unique test command optimization technology to prevent sending repetitive control commands to the system hardware devices. This improves system test speed dramatically and makes the Chroma 8000, which uses open software architecture, highly efficient as a closed or optimized auto test system.

To meet the power supply test requirements, the Chroma C8000 Auto Test System has 56 ready-made test items built in. Users may create new test items or edit existing items based on new test requirements using the test item editing function. This provides users the capability to expand testing ability without limits.

With powerful reporting, statistical analysis, and management functions, the Chroma C8000 Auto Test System is able to generate many test documents as well as allowing control of system administration tasks. Test results and statistical reports are equally important for R&D evaluation, QA verification, and mass production tests, and with these functions built in to the system a great deal of time is saved, reducing the amount of manual paperwork that must be completed.

Working under Windows 98/NT/2000 or higher operation system, Chroma 8000 Power Supply Auto Test System is able to get all the resources provided by Windows; thus, it can easily export the test results to network or to your web-page for remote manufacturing monitoring.


Chroma 8000 Comprehensive Test Items

  1. Input/Output Test
  2. Input Current Test
  3. Inrush Current Test
  4. Power Efficiency Test
  5. Power Efficiency Correlation Test
  6. Static Test
  7. Hold On Adjust Test
  8. Voltage Regulation Test
  9. Current Regulation Test
  10. Noise Test
  11. Noise Test_2
  12. Total Regulation Test
  13. Total Regulation with Noise Test
  14. Total Regulation Test With All State Data
  15. Output Voltage v.s Loading Correlation Test
  16. Extended Measurement Test
  17. Dynamic Test
  18. Dynamic Test_2
  19. Sync Dynamic Test
  20. Sync Dynamic Test_2
  21. Sync Dynamic Test_3
  22. Transient Response Test
  23. Transient Response Test_2
  24. Turn On & Sequence Test
  25. Hold Up & Sequence Test
  26. Extra Timing Test
  27. Overshoot Voltage Test
  28. Overshoot Voltage Test_2
  29. Overshoot Voltage Test_3
  30. Power On Sequence Test
  31. Power Off Sequence Test
  1. Over Load Protection Test
  2. Over Power Protection Test
  3. OVP/UVP Test
  4. OVP/UVP Test_2
  5. Short Circuit Test
  6. Short Circuit Current Test
  7. Vin Ramp Shut Down Test
  8. Fin Ramp Shut Down Test
  9. Vin Ramp Start Up Test
  10. Fin Ramp Start Up Test
  11. Cycle Dropout Test
  12. Cycle Dropout Test_2
  13. Cycle Dropout Test_3
  14. Cycle Dropout Test_4
  15. Power Line Disturbance Test
  16. Current Harmonics Test_1
  17. Current Harmonics Test_2
  18. Input Source Presetup
  19. Load PreSetup
  20. Dynamic Load Value PreSetup
  21. TTL/Relay PreSetup
  22. System Setup
  23. Input Source Setup
  24. Load Setup
  25. TTL/Relay Setup
  26. DSO Setup
  27. DSO Setup for 4 Channels
  28. Get DSO Image
  29. Pause Message
  30. GPIB Write
  31. RS232 Write
EV/EVSE Test System Components

Model Description
8000 Automated Test Systems

New Millennium ATS Software Platform

The C8000 Test Systems include the industries most sophisticated power supply testing software platform, PowerPro III. PowerPro
III provides users with an open software architecture suited for a wide range of applications and devices.

More on PowerPro III

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