Exploring EV Wireless Power Transfer

EV Wireless Power Transfer

Chroma 8000

Specifically designed for EV Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) verification. Comprised of a Chroma 8000 ATS and a WPT testing platform.

Chroma WPT test solution performs interoperability, performance, and radiation emission testing of wireless inductive charging systems. Chroma WPT test solutions for all power classifications ranging from 3.7kVA to 22 kVA. Simply adjust the parameters to test a variety of conditions with user-friendly software. Chroma WPT ATS tests comply with the SAEJ2954 regulation. The modular design can easily upgrade to also meet upcoming regulations such as IEC61980.

Key Features

  • Pre-defined test cases according to SAE J2954 and GB/T 38775 regulations
  • User-friendly software to control power devices for WPT testing
  • Customized automatic XYZ positioning fixture for roll, pitch, and yaw testing
  • Patented test jig for perfect center alignment of the Ground Assembly (GA) and Vehicle Assembly (VA)
  • One-stop solution for WPT Testing

EV WPT Test Platform

A major benefit of wireless charging is the flexibility provided in alignment between the charging infrastructure and the vehicle. Vehicles can charge even without proper alignment, but to increase the efficiency and safety, some level of alignment is required. Chroma includes a XYZ positioning fixture to accurately test the efficiency of the GA and VA at a variety of positions and heights.

Chroma offers different solutions for various stages of testing, such as prototyping or EV testing. An automatic positioning device with multi-axes rotation enables yaw, roll, and pitch testing. Chroma's patented center alignment jigs use a laser that places the GA and VA in the center to test maximum efficiency.

WPT Power Test Software

Chroma's WPT Power Test Software lets users adjust the parameters of the source/load equipment and positioning table for efficient testing. During the test, the interface displays test data and 2D/3D graphs in real time. After completion, it auto generates the test report which includes data and graphs for comprehensive analysis.


EV Wireless Charging (WPT) – Multi-Axis Test Solutions

These WPT test platforms are also equipped with bidirectional AC power supplies and regenerative DC electronic loads to compile SAE J2954’s power level requirements from 3.7KVA (WPT1) to 22KVA (WPT4) to provide ultimate, turn-key test solutions to their customers.

An Introduction to WPT (Wireless Power Transfer) and Test Solutions

We discuss the test requirements of the WPT and provide the associated test solutions with the automatic test systems (ATS) to ultimately validate the functionality and improve the efficiency of EV charging through WPT.

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EV Wireless Power Transfer

Chroma 8000

Specifically designed for EV Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) verification. Comprised of a Chroma 8000 ATS and a WPT testing platform.

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