Exploring Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

17040E Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17040E

High-power battery test system up to 1700V/4800A/1.2MW with regenerative capabilities, dynamic profile simulation, and advanced safety features.

Max Power / CH

100kW*14, 200kW, 200kW*14, 300kW*14

Voltage Range*4

5~850V, 100~1700V

Voltage Accuracy


The Chroma 17040E Regenerative Battery Pack Test System is a highly precise and efficient solution for secondary battery module and pack testing. With its energy regenerative function, it reduces power consumption during discharge and ensures a stable power grid without harmonic pollution. The system offers dynamic profile simulation, parallel channels, and advanced safety features. Discover how the Chroma 17040E enhances testing accuracy and flexibility while minimizing waste energy and meeting international test standards.

Bidirectional Circuit for Power Supply Protection

The bidirectional circuit architecture allows highly efficient recycling of the discharge energy. Chroma 17040E accurately controls reverse current changes, the AC current waveforms are smooth and show changes in real time, and the design meets the grid requirements without contaminating other equipment on the grid. When any abnormalities on the power grid are detected, the test system will swiftly cut off the main circuit power supply to protect its safety.

High-frequency Sampling for Battery Pack Capacity Capture

The high-frequency sampling measurement technology reaches a 50kHz sampling rate to ensure dynamic measurement accuracy. Other battery chargers and dischargers use software to read current values for power computing; however, limited data sampling speed could result in large errors when calculating the dynamic current capacity.

Chroma increased the V/I sampling rate and added a double-sampling integrator, so the 17040E test system is able to provide capacity calculation with much higher accuracy. When the current changes, the data is not lost and the transmission speed is not affected.

More Features

Test channel parallel function

High Power

High accuracy current/voltage measurement

Customized integration functions

Equipped with Chroma’s powerful Battery Pro software, the test system offers flexible test editing functions to perform independent channel tests, and conforms to various requirements for testing secondary battery packs with high safety and stability.

Model Options


Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 200kW/1700V


Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 100kW/850V


Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 200kW/850V


Regenerative Battery Pack Test System 300kW/850V


IPC for Battery Test System


Battery Simulator Softpanel


Battery Pro software


Learn How Battery Pro Can Help with Charge-discharge Testing in Real-time

Users are able to read data from the BMS controller and also includes thermal chamber control. Battery Pro supports Chroma’s regenerative battery cyclers and provides a safe and stable testing environment.

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