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Power conversion test equipment for design verification and functional testing demands high precision, reliability, and programmability for the user. When selecting test equipment, UUT protection, long term support, overall cost, and space required must also be important factors. Chroma’s power conversion test equipment provides the best possible performance and flexibility in both R&D and production environments.

When automation is required due to high volume testing, high throughput, and test repeatability, Chroma’s C8000 automated test platform provides users a flexible, powerful and cost effective test system for most types of power conversion testing. Functional, design validation, and incoming inspection testing can be performed under the same C8000 hardware and Power Pro software platform.

High Speed Functional Test: Chroma’s C8000 platform supports functional testing for power conversion devices during the production phase by simulating the environment in which the device is expected to work. Tests are fast and repeatable and systems are complete with all hardware, software, and fixtures as required.

Design Validation (DVT) Automated Test: Design verification and validation tests push the specs beyond production testing. Chroma’s C8000 test systems help design engineers meet their initial or modified design requirements, specifications, and regulations.

Our expertise in power conversion test enables us to design and deliver high performance turnkey automated test systems backed by a global customer support system. While we are integrating your automated test system, we can also fabricate custom test fixtures.

DC-DC Converter Test System

Typical DC-DC Converter Test System

Power Conversion Test Equipment

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