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DC Load Simulates AI Microprocessors Power Draw Below 0.8VDC

Ultra-low voltage DC electronic load designed for applications of 2000A@0.2V and 1000A@0.1V, such as simulating loading characteristics of AI microprocessors.

Foothill Ranch, CA: Introducing the latest innovation from Chroma – an ultra-low voltage DC electronic load that is designed to meet the needs of applications of 2000A@0.2V and 1000A@0.1V. This new instrument is the perfect solution for simulating the loading characteristics of AI microprocessors and reliably testing voltage regulator modules (VRMs), voltage reduction devices (VRDs), and POL converters.

With a current range of up to 2000A and a full current operating voltage from 0.2VDC to 20VDC, the model 63202A-20-2000 electronic load is well-suited for testing embedded DC2DC converters, fuel cells, and other low voltage – high current devices. It even offers low voltage operation down to a few hundred millivoltages at reduced current levels.

Featuring a unique front copper busbar design to provide low inductance and minimal cable loses when connecting to the UUT, the 63202A-20-2000 provides industry-leading slew rates and ultra-low operating voltages.  Chroma even offers optional low inductance cables making it a convenient test tool for advanced processor simulations.

This innovative instrument is packed with features such as CC dynamic frequency up to 25kHz, user-defined waveforms, standard USB, and optional Ethernet and GPIB interfaces. It’s perfect for applications in power devices below 1.0V, and its precision and reliability make it an essential tool for design and quality test engineers alike.

For more information on the Chroma 63202A-2-2000 Ultra-low Voltage DC Electronic Load, visit us at or contact us at (949) 600-6400.

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Chroma is a global leader in providing precision automated test equipment and systems for a wide range of industries including e-mobility, battery, and renewable energies. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Chroma delivers reliable and high-performance testing equipment that helps customers optimize their products and improve overall efficiency.

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