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Leveraging Certificate Management Tools for Comprehensive EVSE Plug & Charge (PnC) Testing

Leveraging Certificate Management Tools for Comprehensive EVSE Plug & Charge (PnC) Testing to ISO 15118

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain traction, EV owners have higher expectations for convenience when charging their cars at a public charging station. Until recently, most charging methods involved cumbersome payment steps using brand-specific mobile apps, RFID cards, or credit cards. By automating the entire payment process, “Plug & Charge” (PnC) technology promises to bring a new level of convenience to the charging experience.

The PnC function is defined in the ISO 15118 standard. Upon plugging in the connector, the charging station automatically exchanges identification and billing information with the EV. No additional payment steps are required from the car owner, making for a much more straightforward procedure. During the charging session, billing information is transmitted using TLS encryption defined in ISO 15118, providing an additional layer of security while exchanging certificate keys between the EV and charging stations.

Certificate Management Tools for Optimal PnC EVSE Testing

Chroma’s PowerPro 5 software, part of its comprehensive EV test system solution, features a Certificate Management Tool that allows users to load specific certificate files (*.p12, *.pem). Using designated OEM agreements and contract certificates, the software automatically performs public/private key encryption and decryption during the test to achieve the handshake and payment processes required for ISO 15118 PnC testing. Additionally, it can simulate signature modification, encryption mismatch, invalid EMAID (eMobility Account ID), and other errors for more advanced PnC tests. This solution provides a fast, convenient, comprehensive test platform for validating PnC functionality in EVs and EV supply equipment (EVSE).

Chroma PowerPro 5 Certificate Management Tool
Chroma PowerPro 5 Certificate Management Tool

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