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Bidirectional DC Power Supply Upgrades Suit EV Component and PV Inverter Testing

Bidirectional DC Power Supply Upgrades Suit EV Component and PV Inverter Testing

Chroma 62000D bidirectional DC power supplies receive an upgrade to their operating range benefitting EV Component and PV Inverter testing.

Foothill Ranch, CA: Chroma, a world leader in automated test, is excited to announce significant enhancements to several models within their 62000D series of bidirectional DC power supplies. They have increased the operating current from 40A to 55A, a remarkable 37% improvement. This upgrade, along with a corresponding boost in output power, enables users to operate within a broader range, meeting their testing requirements more effectively.

In the electric vehicle (EV) sector, our upgraded models now support charging current testing needs for 11kW bidirectional onboard charger (BOBC) systems, accommodating both 400V and 800V high-voltage platforms. Additionally, in the renewable energy sector, our products are now compatible with commercial PV string inverters, featuring a 120%-150% DC input oversizing design to handle maximum short-circuit currents (Isc) of up to 52.5A.

62000D Advanced Ultra-wide Output Range
62000D Advanced Ultra-wide Output Range

Chroma 62000D programmable bidirectional DC power supplies have both power source and load characteristics, two quadrant operation, and allows feedback of the power from the DUT. They are designed for testing renewable energy and bidirectional power conversion systems such as PV inverters, DC to DC converters, motor drivers, and on-board chargers. They are also suitable for battery applications and can be used as a solar array simulator.

About Chroma Systems Solutions

Chroma is a global leader in providing precision automated test equipment and systems for a wide range of industries including e-mobility, battery, and renewable energies. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Chroma delivers reliable and high-performance testing equipment that helps customers optimize their products and improve overall efficiency.

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