Figure 1: Dynamic Shadowed I-V Curve Simulation Function


Feb 2015

Solar Array Simulation Softpanel for Dynamic Shadowed I-V Curve Simulation With Up to 4096 Data Points

The PV Array and PV Inverter are two major components of a photovoltaic power generation system. The efficient performance of the PV Array and PV Inverter determine the return on investment of a PV power generation system over the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the weather, irradiance, and temperature change characteristics of the operating region when building a PV system. Additionally, the optimal performance...

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Oct 2012

Chroma Adds High Accuracy Data Loggers

Lake Forest, CA: Chroma Systems Solutions, world leading provider of electrical power test equipment and systems, announces the release of their new 51101 series of multi-function data loggers. The 51101 multi-function data loggers fulfill requirements of recording temperatures, voltages, currents, and other behavioral measurements during research, product development, production, and quality assurance procedures with recordable channels ranging from one to several hundred. [Read Full Press...

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Aug 2012

Chroma Releases Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma Systems Solutions releases a high precision Battery Pack Test System with regenerative battery energy discharge, charge and discharge mode specifically designed for secondary battery module and pack testing. (Read the press release) Watch the 17020 overview video!


Sep 2011

Chroma’s PV Inverter Automatic Test Application

This Automated Test System uses the unique test command optimization technology to prevent the repeating control commands from sending to the system hardware devices. This improves the system test speed dramatically and makes Chroma 8000 PV Inverter Automatic Test Application, which uses open software architecture, highly efficient as a close or optimized automated test system. To meet the power supply test requirements, the Chroma Model...

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Sep 2011

PV Inverter Test Solutions

A PV system is an energy system which directly converts energy from the sunlight into electricity. Once light hits the solar cell (array), electricity is generated and the DC is collected at a PV inverter. PV inverter is a device that changes DC power to AC power and is also a key component in PV systems. There are two main types of PV systems, Grid...

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Aug 2011

Top Power Test Instrument Application Web Pages

Below is a quick look at the top six “Application” web pages viewed by our customers. 6) Energy Efficiency Testing In Eco-Conscious Markets Chroma’s test instruments and systems are used to help achieve power efficiency requirements for global markets including ENERGY STAR®, Green Mark, Eco-label, and more. Read More 5) The Ultimate High Feature Programmable AC Source Chroma’s 61500 Series are the highest performing AC...

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Jul 2011

PV Inverter Test Gets New Source

New H Series 15kV programmable DC Power Supply provides a stable solar array simulation of Voc up to 1000V and Isc up to 25A. Incredibly fast transient response makes this DC supply an ideal tester for MPPT performance on PV inverter devices. Softpanels are a valuable option. More on this DC Power Supply


Jun 2011

Solar Array I-V Curve Simulation SoftPanels 7 Key Features

The Chroma model 62150H-600S/1000S DC Power Supply includes a graphical user Interface software through remote digital interface (USB / GPIB / Ethernet / RS232) control. The user can easily program the I-V curve of the 62150H-600S/1000S DC Power Supply as well as the I-V & P-V curve for real-time testing. In addition it will display the MPPT status for the PV inverter. Readings and the...

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