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Top Power Test Instrument Application Web Pages

DC Power SuppyBelow is a quick look at the top six “Application” web pages viewed by our customers.

6) Energy Efficiency Testing In Eco-Conscious Markets

Chroma’s test instruments and systems are used to help achieve power efficiency requirements for global markets including ENERGY STAR®, Green Mark, Eco-label, and more. Read More

5) The Ultimate High Feature Programmable AC Source

Chroma’s 61500 Series are the highest performing AC Sources with power analyzer functions built-in and capable of delivering output power to 90KVA. Included DSP provides voltage transient simulations, harmonic current measurements and compliance testing for many IEC & Military standards. You got to see these sources. Read More

4) Standard Test Platform Solves Problems For EV/PHEV Testing

The power conversion section of the EV/HEV is composed of several power electronic units, which include the EVSE (EV Supply Equipment), on-board charger, DC/DC converter, motor driver, etc. The Chroma ATS (Automatic Test System) addresses the specialized requirements involved in testing the power electronics not only during the development phase, but also the production phase. Read More

3) Industries First LED Simulating DC Electronic Load

Chroma has created the industry’s first LED simulator for LED driver testing with our 63110A/13A electronic load modules. The LED’s forward voltage and operating resistance can be set to further adjust the loading and ripple current to better simulate LED characteristics. The 63110A/13A load also has increased bandwidth to allow for PWM dimming testing. Read More

2) DC Impedance Measurement For Battery Cell

EV battery packs require the battery cells be paralleled for large current use. An important parameter is the impedance consistency of the battery cell since battery life may be affected if the impedance is not consistent. The DC impedance test solution Chroma offers sets the discharge current change and measures the voltage change, and then calculates the battery’s internal resistance. Read More

1) How Test Engineers Simulate The Solar Array I-V Curve

The Model 62150H-600S/1000S DC Power Supply from Chroma has a built in SAS model that can easily program the Voc, Isc, Vmp, and Imp parameters to simulate different solar cell I-V characteristic outputs with fast response time… Read More

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