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Chroma’s E-Propulsion Test System Helps ottobike Group Make a Splash in the European Market

From the abundant E-scooters in Asia to electric motorcycles more popular in the European and American markets, many two-wheeler manufacturers are launching models that offer both performance and practicality. Motorcycle manufacturer ottobike Group recently drew the industry’s attention with its debut of motorcycle brand “ovaobike”. ottobike Group is an electric scooter and motorbike manufacturer with […]

Do You Know How to Appraise Lithium Batteries for Vehicles?

Do You Know How to Appraise Lithium Batteries for Vehicles?

Though many countries have successively announced the timeframe to stop selling fuel vehicles, the electric vehicles of today still have some technical indicators remaining for improvement. The indicators such as accurate estimation of mileage, improved power performance, shortened charging time, and extended battery life to reduce maintenance costs, etc. are all closely tied to the […]

Let Chroma Test the Temperature Control Mechanism of Your EV!

Let Chroma Test the Temperature Control Mechanism of Your EV!

Car manufacturers are continuing to improve endurance in an effort to overcome EV range anxiety. As a result, the energy density of onboard batteries has gradually advanced. The next question is how to perfect the temperature monitoring mechanism of the battery system. In order to ensure the battery’s service life and avoid thermal runaway, the […]

Chroma’s 17010 Battery Cell Reliability Test System [VIDEO]

As a key component of EV, the battery cell must pass many rigorous charge/discharge tests to ensure its characteristics and life. The tests directly affect the EV’s performance, cost, and reliability. Driving an EV on the road requires continuous battery charging and discharging and rapid load charging. Chroma 17010 Battery Cell Reliability Test System is […]

[Tech Review] Why Do EV Batteries Need Ripple Current Testing?

[Tech Review] Why Do EV Batteries Need Ripple Current Testing?

Ripple most commonly refers to an undesirable amount of AC voltage fluctuation on the DC power supply. During vehicle charging and power conversion, EV batteries constantly have to face such troublesome power ripples. In the long run, this may accelerate battery degradation, especially in harsh low-temperature environments. EV batteries thus require ripple current testing to […]

Factors you did NOT know that cause lithium-ion batteries to ignite and explode… And the test solutions

Lithium-Ion Batteries Test Solutions

Most explosion and fire accidents in lithium-ion battery products occur while charging, even inside electric vehicles, power tools, electronic products, you name it. This mainly happens when the negative electrode material (graphite or mixed silicon) inflates while charging, which shortens the distance between the positive and negative electrodes. If the mixing of conductive impurities causes […]

Chroma’s Battery Production Line Automated Test Solution Adopted by Top Automotive Manufacturers in China

Model 8700ATS Battery Pack Automatic Test System

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. is a world leading supplier of precision Test and Measurement Instrumentation, Automated Test Systems, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, and Turnkey Test and Automation Solutions. In recent years, Chroma has been actively cultivating the electric vehicle (EV) testing market, and its newly launched lithium battery pack end-of-line (EOL) automated test solution has been successfully […]

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