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Chroma’s E-Propulsion Test System Helps ottobike Group Make a Splash in the European Market

From the abundant E-scooters in Asia to electric motorcycles more popular in the European and American markets, many two-wheeler manufacturers are launching models that offer both performance and practicality. Motorcycle manufacturer ottobike Group recently drew the industry’s attention with its debut of motorcycle brand “ovaobike”. ottobike Group is an electric scooter and motorbike manufacturer with complete design and manufacturing capability. In order to expand its overseas business from scooters to motorcycles, it has to overcome technical challenges in parts design and production, and most critically, powertrain system reliability. The manufacturer has enlisted Chroma’s help to improve its test capability and successfully enter the European market to compete with other well-known international brands.

More and more carmakers and parts suppliers are integrating high-voltage electronic components such as motors and inverters into an all-in-one powertrain system. Chroma 1210 E-propulsion Test System features a load dynamometer, data collector and battery simulator, and provides test solutions for electric vehicle and electric motorcycle powertrain systems with simulation function. Applicable devices under test include motors, motor controllers, gearboxes and e-drive systems. It can be paired with Chroma 17040 to simulate the state of the battery in high voltage vehicle power systems and implement the test requirements for dynamic driving conditions.

Chroma 1210 E-propulsion Test System
Chroma 1210 E-propulsion Test System

ottobike Group has adopted Chroma’s 1210 solution, which can carry out the above test scenarios in the early stages of inverter and motor development, including essential items such as driving system efficiency, stall torque performance, power feed characteristics, durability, and reliability. This lets the user assess the overall driving control quality and performance under realistically simulated vehicle working conditions before the vehicle validation stage, saving substantially on road testing and troubleshooting costs.

Chroma utilizes its rich testing experience in the electric vehicle industry to help ottobike Group optimize its verification process, accelerate its development speed and further improve its product quality. Chroma and ottobike Group will partner closely on a number of future model development projects to provide consumers with an even better electric motorcycle experience!

Founded in 2016, ottobike Group is committed to the design and development of electric vehicles. Its professional team handles all design aspects from aesthetics, frame structure, system integration, motor, and suspension research all the way to quality verification of the complete vehicle. At present, it has built an exclusive production line in Taiwan and set up a base in Europe to provide the best quality products and after-sales service in domestic and foreign markets.

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