Regenerative Sources and Loads

Why use a Regenerative Source and Load?

Many types of modern electrical devices recycle power back to the grid or must sink and source current for a variety of applications. Using regenerative AC & DC sources and loads allows for realistic test scenarios and a more efficient testing process. For example, Electric Vehicle bidirectional dc-dc converters and on-board chargers (OBC) sink and source current to the battery when charging/discharging or for regenerative breaking . Bidirectional sources allow these devices to be tested without the need for cumbersome test setups, batteries or multiple conventional sources. And with advanced software these test setups can be converted to closed-loop hardware-in-the-loop simulations which produce real-time test results.

So why adopt this technology? Regenerative AC & DC sources and loads can more closely simulate real-word operating environments, reduce the number of instruments needed in your test lab, and reduce energy usage over traditional test equipment which can only discharge power in the form of heat. When used widely in high power applications, this testing technology saves electricity costs and promises to significantly reduce carbon footprints around the globe.

NEW 2-in-1 Bidirectional DC Power Supply + Regenerative Load

Bidirectional DC Power Supply + Regenerative Loading

Bidirectional DC Power Supply
62000D Bidirectional DC Power
+ Regenerative Load

  • Voltage range: 0 ~ 1800V
  • Current range: 0 ~ 540A
  • Power range: 0 ~ 18kW, up to 180kW
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NEW Regenerative Grid Simulators

Regenerative Grid Simulator

Regenerative Grid Simulators
61815 Grid Simulator
15kVA in 3U

  • Output voltage: 0 ~ 350V
  • Output frequency: 30Hz~100Hz / DC
  • Output Power: 9kVA – 15kVA, up to 45kVA
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BATTERY: Regenerative Charge/Discharge Testers

regenerative battery charge/discharge

Battery Module
Programmable Charge/Discharge

Test: Battery modules, BMS, Fuel cells, Production testing, Components. Also performs battery and UUT collocation evaluation tests in advance that apply to the motor driver for vehicle stop/start systems, light EV electronic controllers, car mounted chargers, etc. This model can perform as a charge/discharge tester, a battery simulator or a bidirectional DC supply.

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Regenerative battery charge/discharge

Battery Pack
Programmable Charge/Discharge

Test: Battery modules, High power battery packs, Production testing, Fuel cells, Components, Generators, Stationary power. This model can perform as a charge/discharge tester, a battery simulator or a bidirectional DC supply.

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