Grid Simulators: Evaluate performance, reliability, and safe operation of on-grid products

Chroma Regenerative Grid Simulator is a full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative, AC power source that emulates grid characteristics for testing to standards such as IEEE 1547 / IEC 61000-3-15 / IEC 62116. The grid simulator’s power can both sink to and source from the UUT seamlessly to test grid-connected devices including PV inverters, on-line UPS’s, smart grid, and EV related test applications including Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Energy Storage System (ESS). In addition to supplying clean, precise and stable AC voltage, the 61800 is capable of simulating various types of distorted voltage waveforms and transient conditions required for product validation testing in the lab.

We know you have a choice when selecting a Grid Simulator, but the advantage is clear with Chroma. We invest more in R&D than any other manufacturer, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your lab’s equipment budget.

Regenerative Grid Simulators

9kVA, 12kVA, 15kVA grid simulators

9kVA-15kVA Grid Simulators
61809: 9kVA / 61812: 12kVA / 61815: 15kVA
High Power Density – 15kVA in 3U
Single or three phase output selectable
0~350VL-N / 0~606VL-L
DC, 30Hz~100Hz

Specifically designed for EV, PV inverter and Smart Grid related test applications.

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61800 grid simulators

30kVA-630kVA Grid Simulators
30kVA, 45kVA, 60KVA, 105kVA up to 630kVA
Single or three phase output
0~330VL-N / 0~570VL-L
DC, 30Hz~100Hz (1kHz optional)

Regenerative AC Load function and 1kHz output frequency are available as options

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The Battery Innovation Center is proud to have Chroma units in house as part of our Micro-Grid Test Environment.” BIC has three 61860 Regenerative Grid Simulators providing 180kVA.

Ben Wrightsman
Chief Operations Officer and Chief Engineer

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Power and Energy Real-time Laboratory: Read how Idaho National Laboratory is modernizing power systems with at-scale testing and emulations using Chroma’s 61860 Regenerative Grid Simulators.

Rob Hovsapian, Ph.D.
Technical Contact

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