Battery | Cell, Module, Pack Testing

High precision, integrated battery cycling and energy storage test solutions designed for lithium ion and other battery chemistries. From R&D to end of line, we provide advanced battery test features, including regenerative discharge systems that recycle energy sourced by the battery back to the channels in the system or to the grid.

Battery Test Solutions

Chroma satisfies battery test requirements such as charge rate, discharge rate, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH), and depth of discharge (DoD) with your need for accuracy in measuring voltage, current, temperature and power – statically and dynamically.

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Battery Cycling: Cell, Module, Pack

Battery cell, module and pack level charge/discharge cycle testing solutions designed to provide high accuracy measurement with advanced features. Most of our solutions are regenerative – so energy sourced by the battery back is recycled back to the channels in the system or to the grid.

Battery Simulation

Battery simulation software for testing battery-connected devices in all applications to confirm if the device under test in performing as intended. Battery state is simulated if the battery is unavailable for testing, which eliminates waiting for the charge/discharge of an actual battery. Real-time test results include voltage, current, power, SOC%, charge/discharge state, and capacity.

Fuel Cell Testing

Fuel cells produce power by combining hydrogen fuel and oxygen electro-chemically and are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. Chroma’s battery test platforms are engineered and well-equipped to support fuel cell research and design validation for efficiency, power, and characteristics.

Ultra/Super Capacitor

Chroma offers ultra and super capacitor charge/discharge testing systems with high precision output and measurement up to 0.02%. Satisfy IEC 62391 EDLC test requirements with a high sampling rate of 10ms. The modularized multi-channel architecture offers both flexibility and expand-ability, catering to cycle test requirements.

Battery Test Systems

16CH Battery Cell Simulator

Chroma 87001


Max. 10A


Switch fast charge and discharge current in current source mode without any interruption

Battery Simulator

Chroma A170202

Validate your battery-connected devices more efficiently and with more accuracy with this battery simulator

Battery Reliability Test System

Chroma 17010

Up to ±0.015% of full scale

Up to 100µS

Up to 10mS

Chroma’s Battery & Reliability Test System is a high-precision system designed specifically for testing lithium-ion battery (LIB) cells, electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs), and lithium-ion capacitors (LICs).

Battery Reliability Test System

Chroma 17010H

±0.015% of F.S.

±0.005% of F.S.


High-precision charge and discharge test equipment specifically designed for high current/high power performance testing

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17020

20V/ 60V/ 100V/ 200V/ 500V

65A/ 13A/ 62.5A/ 50A/ 30A

1.25kW/ 600W/ 2.5kW

Designed for secondary battery modules and pack tests, with accurate sources and measurements suitable for performing repetitive and reliable tests.

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17020E

10kW / 20kW / 30kW / 40kW / 50kW / 60kW / 70kW / 80kW per channel

60V / 100V / 200V

100A / 200A / 300A / 400A / 500A / 600A / 700A / 800A per channel

High precision system specifically designed for secondary battery module and pack testing

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17040

60kW/ 120kW/ 180kW/ 250kW/ 300kW



With an Energy Regenerative Function to reduce power consumption during discharge, ensuring a stable power grid without generating harmonic pollution on other devices.

Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma 17040E

100kW*14, 200kW, 200kW*14, 300kW*14

5~850V, 100~1700V


High-power battery test system up to 1700V/4800A/1.2MW with regenerative capabilities, dynamic profile simulation, and advanced safety features.

Battery Pack Power HIL Testbed

Chroma 8610

For testing battery systems and components of new energy vehicles, including the battery module, battery management system, and cooling/heating system

BMS Power HIL Testbed

Chroma 8630

Designed to simulate a range of BMS component characteristics, including cell simulation, battery module voltage/current simulation, and temperature signal simulation

Battery Pack ATS

Chroma 8720

5kW ~ 350kW



Test the battery packs in end of line (EOL) production for a comprehensive Pass/Fail check, including mechanism assembly, pressure insulation, BMS communication, internal high voltage relay parts, battery balance, and temperature distribution, etc.

Battery Cell Formation Turnkey Solution

Chroma 17000

100kW*14, 200kW, 200kW*14, 300kW*14

5~850V, 100~1700V


With built-in parallel channels and dynamic profile simulation functions; parallel capability maximizes the charge and discharge current and power, increasing the efficiency and flexibility of equipment utilization

Battery Safety Testing

Our electrical safety testers support AC/DC hipot, leakage current (LC), insulation resistance (IR), and partial discharge (PD) at very high speed and accuracy to ensure the quality and safety of cells and modules before they go to the next level of production.

Electrical Safety Testers

Battery Cell Insulation Tester

Chroma 11210

Up to 1KV(DC)

50mA max.

0.01kΩ~10 TΩ [kΩ, MΩ, GΩ]

Accurately measure leakage current (LC) and insulation resistance(IR) of battery jelly-roll/dry-cell as well as other insulation materials.

Battery Cell Surge Tester

Chroma 19311

0.10 kV~6.00 kV, 0.01 kV

≥ 3.00kV @ 50nF


Designed for testing the insulation quality between the positive and negative plates of a lead-acid battery cell

Electrical Safety Analyzer

Chroma 19032

AC: 0.05~5kV
DC: 0.05~6kV

DC: 12mA , AC: 40mA (19032)
DC: 25mA , AC: 100mA (19032-P)

0.1MΩ~50GΩ / 1kV max

The test-to-any-standard electrical safety analyzer. Easy, precise testing. A must for medical device testing and IQOQ compliance.

Guardian Hipot Tester AC/DC/IR/SCAN

Chroma 19050

AC / DC / IR
or AC / DC / IR / SCAN

1, 4 or 8

AC: 0.05~5kV
DC: 0.05~6kV

Advanced digital hipot testers with load and line regulations that help ensure measurement integrity, and Multi-step capability allows users to perform multiple tests in sequence

Guardian Multi-Channel Hipot Tester

Chroma 19020

AC or AC / DC / IR

10 (up to 100)

AC: 0.05kV~6kV
DC: 0.05kV~8kV

Measure the hipot leakage current of all channels at the same time and conduct tests on up to 100 DUTs simultaneously

A Better Insulation Test: Decreasing Risk of Electrical Shorts in Lithium Ion Battery Cells

This video covers new testing procedures and equipment to monitor voltage and current in order to detect minor partial discharge or flashover inside the cell resulting in lower risk to the manufacturer and end user.

Software and SoftPanels

Battery Pro
Battery Pro is an intuitive, multi-channel test software platform designed for cell to pack level charge-discharge testing with real-time monitoring.
Power Pro
Designed for power conversion applications, PowerPro provides an editable library of over 35 pre-written commonly used tests.
Battery Simulator
Our Battery Simulation software is used to validate device functions during development in lieu of an actual battery or batteries.
Battery LEx
Create up to 500 projects and construct corresponding test plans according to different DUT types or requirements.

Decreasing Risk of Electrical Shorts in Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

This paper is a must read for cell manufacturers who are concerned about the quality of their battery cells and reducing the risk of battery fire before the cell reaches the end user.