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Battery Cyclers You Can Count On: Chroma Battery Testers Feature Seamless Fault Recovery Capabilities

Battery Cyclers You Can Count On: Chroma Battery Testers Feature Seamless Fault Recovery Capabilities

Extended charge/discharge tests are an essential part of the design and validation of battery modules. These tests not only verify battery design and materials but also assess the performance, capacity, and thermal management of the entire module, estimate the battery’s lifespan, and ensure safe and stable operation. Battery charge/discharge testing typically requires hours to even months of testing time. Practical experience has shown us that operational errors, voltage anomalies, and failures in the channels of the battery cycling equipment during extended charge/discharge tests are among users’ primary concerns. When these issues arise, they can lead to test interruptions, which in turn may cause test failure and loss of test data. The device under test (DUT) must be reconfigured and retested, a process that not only consumes time but also significantly hampers product development efficiency.

To prevent the costly loss of important test data, Chroma 17020/17020E/17040 Series multi-channel regenerative battery test systems feature capabilities including fault recovery, per-channel test continuation, and seamless resumption of data recording. Using the built-in BatteryPro software, each channel can be individually paused when a test anomaly occurs. Once the issue is resolved, the user can choose to continue testing on the same node, start from the previous step, or select a new test recipe, thereby minimizing redundant test efforts.

Chroma 17020 and 17040

If a test channel malfunctions during extended battery cycling, Chroma’s multi-channel charge/discharge equipment also supports manual channel switching and can seamlessly continue recording the test data. For example, in a 2500-hour cycle test, if a channel problem arises at the 1000-hour mark, the user can transfer the DUT to any other available channel on the same battery cycler and proceed with the test without interruption, and without compromising the integrity of the test data and reports. Besides alleviating user anxiety stemming from test interruptions, this approach also provides clear visibility into product development progress, helping to ensure a smooth and efficient product rollout.

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