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Webinar: EV Power Components, A Total Testing Solution from the EVSE to the Battery

13 July 2020 / By Luis Veliz

The automotive trends and obstacles that engineers face during design verification, functional test and mass production testing can be very difficult to navigate.

Seminario Técnico en Español: Pruebas Eléctricas en Energías Renovables

13 July 2020 / By Josue Cruz

Gracias a quienes nos acompañaron durante nuestro Seminario Técnico en Línea gratuito, aquí pueden observar la grabación del mismo en el cual abordamos los siguientes temas en el entorno de pruebas eléctricas en energías renovables

Technical Webinar: How to Automate Safety Testing and Record Results Easier using CaptivATE Software

30 June 2020 / By Juan Rodriguez

CaptivATE provides an electrical safety test solution for accurately performing automated hipot, leakage current and functional tests. Testing is made simple and fast by automatically downloading the test setup, conducting the required measurements and outputting the test results. Software supports IEC60601-1 test requirements and IQOQ protocol documentation.

LCR Meters: Selecting Precision Equipment for Low, Mid, and High Frequency Impedance Measurements

19 June 2020 / By Peter Bannon

For magnetics and passive component testing, measurement of the electrical behavior and characterization of capacitors, inductors, resistors, and wound components to the most current of specifications is essential.

A Better Insulation Test: Decreasing Risk of Electrical Shorts in Lithium Ion Battery Cells

12 June 2020 / By Larry Sharp

On occasion, an electrical short can develop inside a lithium ion battery cell after passing production tests due to burrs or particles on the positive electrode reaching the negative electrode after inflation occurs.

Weekly Webinar: Testing Devices for Susceptibility to Power Line Disturbances

5 June 2020 / By Larry Sharp

Countless types of devices get their power from the grid. Any device that receives its power from the grid generally has design and manufacturing standards that require testing for Compliance, Reliability, and Safety.

Weekly Webinar: Medical Device Electrical Safety Test – How to Improve your ISO Quality System

29 May 2020 / By Dimitri Liambotis

Automating medical electrical safety testing gives you more control over your test process by capturing and serving up all of your test data electronically.

Technical Webinar: How to Achieve Accurate Power Measurements Testing AC Power Signals

21 May 2020 / By Larry Sharp

Accurate power measurements are critical when testing devices for compliance to electrical standards. Understanding how to achieve high accuracy and high speed in testing is equally important.

Technical Webinar: Electrical Safety Testing 101

18 May 2020 / By Larry Sharp

This video explains the basic principles of electrical safety testing.

Technical Webinar: ATE – Get Products to Market Faster by Eliminating Complex Coding

11 May 2020 / By Luis Veliz

PowerPro: Code-free Automated Test System Software PowerPro is a feature-rich, expandable automated test platform that gives you control without spending your valuable time programming and allowing you to get your product to market faster.

Technical Webinar: Testing PV Inverters and Solar Energy System Devices

08 May 2020 / By Larry Sharp

A photovoltaic or PV inverter, converts the direct current (DC) output of a solar cell or array into an alternating current (AC) that can be fed directly into the electrical grid (Grid Tie), used by a local electrical grid (Off-Grid), or both (Hybrid Inverters).

Weekly Webinar: Learn How Battery Pro Can Help with Charge-discharge Testing in Real-time

24 April 2020 / By Gus Galindo

Battery Pro is an intuitive, multi-channel platform designed for cell to pack level charge-discharge testing with real-time monitoring.

Technical Webinar: DC Power Supply

10 April 2020 / By Larry Sharp

Weekly Webinar: DC Power Supplies with Transient and Auto-ranging capabilities

9 April 2020 / By Larry Sharp

This seminar will highlight key features and functions of our DC Power Supplies and the many applications they are being used for all over the world.

Technical Webinar: Chroma E Load

2 April 2020 / By Larry Sharp

This seminar highlights key features and functions of our DC electronic loads and the many applications they are being used for all over the world.

61500 Power Line Disturbance Simulation

13 February 2020 / By Larry Sharp

We’re going to be talking about how to simulate power line disturbances.

62000H- S Solar Array Simulation

13 February 2020 / By Larry Sharp

I’m going be covering something referred to as solar array simulation, and it’s used when testing PV inverters without having to use an actual solar panel or solar array as the input power.

63800 AC Load Paralleling

3 Feb 2020 / By Larry Sharp

I’m going to be demonstrating the ability to connect Chroma’s 63800 single-phase AC loads in parallel for both single-phase and 3-phase applications.

66205 DPM Harmonic Measurements

29 January 2020 / By Larry Sharp

Chroma designed this unit to meet the IEC 61000-4-7 standard, and that standard defines what the equipment capabilities must be when testing devices for IEC 61000-3-2. It’s a nice, small compact unit.

Voice of the Customer EP 1

13 July 2020 / By Chroma System Solutions

Customer discusses plans for future Chroma Systems Solutions instrumentation

Voice of the Customer EP 2

13 July 2020 / By Chroma System Solutions

Asst. Prof. discusses using Chroma Systems Solutions in battery testing for the US Navy

Voice of the Customer EP 3

13 July 2020 / By Chroma System Solutions

Electrical Engineer discusses replacing older test equipment with Chroma C8000 test systems

Voice of the Customer EP 4

13 July 2020 / By Chroma System Solutions

PhD Researcher discusses the selection of Chroma Systems Solutions for lab testing equipment