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A Better Insulation Test: Decreasing Risk of Electrical Shorts in Lithium Ion Battery Cells [VIDEO]

On occasion, an electrical short can develop inside a lithium ion battery cell after passing production tests due to burrs or particles on the positive electrode reaching the negative electrode after inflation occurs. If these cells that are susceptible to failure pass through to the end user, the results could be catastrophic. Fire or explosion in lithium ion battery cells has developed into a serious topic with solutions for its prevention being more critical than ever. With current testing instrumentation, such as hipot or IR testers, detecting minor partial discharge or flashover inside the cell is almost impossible. Chroma has developed a solution to mitigate these occurrences in the dry cell stage.

This seminar will cover new testing procedures and equipment to monitor voltage and current in order to detect minor partial discharge or flashover inside the cell resulting in lower risk to the manufacturer and end user.

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Chroma’s New Software Platform Boosts Multi-Coupler EVSE Test Efficiency by 40%

Chroma’s compatibility and functional testing systems for EVSE have already been adopted by a great variety of domestic and foreign testing labs. Many EVSE manufacturers also use our solutions for end-of-line testing in their factories. Besides testing the charging process and safety mechanisms, one of the most important test items for multi-coupler EVSE products is power sharing (load management) testing.

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