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Technical Webinar: How to Achieve Accurate Power Measurements Testing AC Power Signals [VIDEO]

Accurate power measurements are critical when testing devices for compliance to electrical standards. Understanding how to achieve high accuracy and high speed in testing is equally important. Digital Power Meters are designed for both single-phase and multiple phase measurements of AC power signals and related parameters common to most electronic products and standards. 16 bit analog/digital converters with sampling rates of up to 250KHz have become the industry standard providing both high speed and high accuracy measurements.

This seminar will cover the use of power meters, standards, and measurement parameters including Vrms, Vpeak+, Vpeak-, V_harmonic, V_THD, CFV (Crest Factor Voltage), Irms, Ipeak+, Ipeak-, I_harmonic, I_THD, Is (Inrush Current), CFI (Crest Factor Current), W, VA, VAR, PF, Freq_V, Freq_I, Wh, Ah, and º (phase degree) when testing power conversion devices.

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