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Technical Webinar: ATE – Get Products to Market Faster by Eliminating Complex Coding [VIDEO]

PowerPro: Code-free Automated Test System Software

PowerPro is a feature-rich, expandable automated test platform that gives you control without spending your valuable time programming and allowing you to get your product to market faster. It is designed to easily generate tests designed for power conversion applications, PowerPro provides a library of over 100 pre-written commonly used tests you can edit without entering a single line of code for various applications such as AC/DC, DC/DC, PV Inverter Testing, BMS, etc. Reports are hassle free and include extended reporting capabilities, statistic and management functions, various test document generation, and system administration.
This seminar will cover platform overview, test development and test program editing, communications, test libraries, reporting and statistic management functions

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Chroma’s New Software Platform Boosts Multi-Coupler EVSE Test Efficiency by 40%

Chroma’s compatibility and functional testing systems for EVSE have already been adopted by a great variety of domestic and foreign testing labs. Many EVSE manufacturers also use our solutions for end-of-line testing in their factories. Besides testing the charging process and safety mechanisms, one of the most important test items for multi-coupler EVSE products is power sharing (load management) testing.

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