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AC Power SourcesChroma’s FAQs database is filled with common questions regarding our power test instruments & it’s a great resource for finding answers quickly. If you can’t find the answer we make it easy for you to submit your own questions & receive a response from our support team. Below is a list of our most popular FAQs to date.

  1. How well are current and voltage measurements synchronized (are there any time delays) and how does this change under different operating modes (current, voltage, or power regulation)?
  2. What are the Input Voltage configurations for Chroma AC Sources?
  3. What is the maximum DC output voltage Chroma has available in our Family of DC Power Supplies?
  4. What Chroma AC Sources can be used to simulate the Transients defined in IEC standard’s 61000-4-11 etc.?
  5. When regulating voltage, is the measured voltage read the actual voltage, or is it the initial desired voltage?

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Chroma Systems Solutions
Chroma Systems Solutions

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