Electric Vehicle and Battery

Latest Release: HIL Testers

BMS Power HIL Testbed- 8630

Chroma 8630

Designed to simulate a range of BMS component characteristics, including cell simulation, battery module voltage/current simulation, and temperature signal simulation.

OBC & DC-DC Converter Power HIL Testbed-8620

Chroma 8620

Designed for testing electric vehicle charging systems and powertrain components; supports customized hardware configuration, platform sharing, and expansion.

Battery Pack Power HIL Testbed - 8610

Chroma 8610

For testing battery systems and components of new energy vehicles, including the battery module, battery management system, and cooling/heating system.

EV Power Conversion Testing

The power conversion within an electric vehicle (EV) is composed of several power electronic units. These include the AC or DC EVSE (EV Supply Equipment), on-board charger, DC-DC converter, and motor driver. Chroma’s EV automated test equipment addresses the specialized requirements involved in testing the power electronics of electric vehicles during design validation as well as production. The benefits of our automated test systems include flexibility, speed, and test data recording as well as providing statistical analytical reports for design review and product improvement.

Webinar: EV Power Components, A Total Testing Solution from the EVSE to the Battery

The automotive trends and obstacles that engineers face during design verification, functional test and mass production testing can be very difficult to navigate. This seminar has been put together to demonstrate the improvements made to EV testing performance with newly developed instruments, functional test systems, battery test and simulation systems. You will get an overview of the entire scope of work with reliable, precision instrumentation and systems including electrical safety testing for multiple applications.

EV Supply Equipment Testing

Chroma’s EVSE test system is the world’s first UL approved SAE J1772 EVSE Communication Protocol Automated Test System. This system simulates various states of an EVSE to validate charging compatibility before delivery to the vehicle.

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Compatibility ATS simulates various states of an EVSE to validate charging compatibility before delivery to the vehicle.

The Chroma C8000 Auto Test System uses a unique test command optimization technology to prevent sending repetitive control commands to the system hardware devices. This improves system test speed dramatically and makes the Chroma 8000, which uses open software architecture, highly efficient as a closed or optimized auto test system.

Electrical Safety Testing

Electrical safety standards are increasing since new high-efficiency EV electronic components can drive up to 600V when in use. To ensure end user safety, Chroma provides electrical safety test solutions for EV power components including wires and connectors, adapters, batteries and the charging system. With Chroma as a partner, you can be sure your products are compliant to standards and safe for the road.

Accurately measure leakage current (LC) and insulation resistance(IR) of battery jelly-roll/dry-cell as well as other insulation materials. 

In addition to standard LC/IR measurement, the 11210 has a unique function that detects partial discharge (PD) or flashover that may have occurred inside the insulation material during the high voltage insulation testing process.

Motors | Wound Component Testing

When electric vehicle motors are used for long hours under varying environmental conditions, durability and reliability are put to the test. Temperature is a key contributor in the break down of insulation. If corona discharge occurs in turn-to-turn and turn-to-ground, it would cause the insulation to deteriorate due to the increased heat. This directly impacts the motor’s quality. Adding Corona Discharge Detection in hipot testing exceeds the quality requirements for insulation by detecting units with poor insulation early on. Thus, greatly reducing the defect rate caused by long-term usage.

Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

High precision, integrated battery test systems designed for lithium ion electric vehicle batteries or any chemistry. From R&D to production, Chroma’s battery test equipment provides advanced features. Features include regenerative discharge that recycles energy from the battery back to the channels in the system or to the grid. Systems are configurable and flexible with multiple channel capabilities and can be upgraded as testing requirements change.

Designed for the development of battery modules and packs and provides users with a flexible and powerful dynamic testbed through the real-time hardware and software with open architecture at the core.